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This show, while being wildly adorable, is certainly not without humorous moments.

  • Upon trying to fix up a kite during some wind in "Kite Flight":
    Sarah: Ugh, not now, wind!
    Narrator: What we need is a windbreak!
    Sarah: Don't break the wind, we need it!
  • All of Bag's anguished reactions to Scarf Lady's ideas and conversations.
    • Any conversation regarding heights, or flying, inevitably features...
      Bag: You're not getting me up there!
      Scarf Lady promptly tosses Bag into the air
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    • All of the constant word corrections...
      Scarf Lady: It's my old junkbox.
      Bag: Jukebox!
      Scarf Lady: Old jukebox!
  • The episode where Duck gets hoarse and Sarah decides to get him a "new quack" at the Big Shop rather than take him to the vet. Sarah is browsing through sound boxes while Duck is mouthing the sounds. Even Sarah gets in on the fun! Then Sarah finally finds a box that makes a quacking noise, but Duck has already found what he thinks is better: A cow box.
    • Then Duck has trouble pressing the button that activates the sound, because it's on the front of the box, and he's wearing it around his neck. He has to get someone to press it for him because of this.
    • Duck's attempt to quack while he's hoarse is Actually Pretty Funny as well.
  • "Ribbon Fall," in which the Ribbon Sisters invite Sarah and Duck to the eponymous occasion. The invitation doesn't say what it's about, though, so Sarah thinks Ribbon Fall means they're getting rid of their ribbons, since "fall" can also mean "a loss." It's actually a bit like Autumn, but with ribbons in the place of leaves that turn yellow when they hit the ground.
  • In the episode where Sarah and Duck visit John and Flamingo, there's this scene where John is teaching Sarah about Japanese dining etiquette:
    John: Itadake-mass. It means you are grateful for the food.
    Sarah: (confused) It's-a-ducky-mess?
    John: Uh-huh.
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  • In "Picture Planes", Sarah and John try to send a paper airplane to the Great Pyramids, but Sarah's quick drawing of a pyramid ends up looking more like Donkey's hay bales, so it crashes there. Duck tries to retrieve it, and gets into a tug of war with Donkey. Sarah and John, oblivious, try to make a better plane and drawing, and happily show it to Duck - having just gotten back with their crumpled first attempt and completely ruffled feathers. Duck drops the old plane.... which promptly U-turns and flies right back to the hay bales and Donkey, prompting a VERY frustrated quack.

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