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How does Sarah run the household?
  • Perhaps with the help of the Scarf Lady and the narrator.
The offscreen narrator could be Sarah's father.
  • She doesn't seem to have any parents on-screen. Perhaps they're offscreen, like in Dragon Tales.
  • This seems very possible. When they make Cake, the narrator instructs Sarah to start the oven timer and leave the rest to him. It's implied that he put Cake in the oven to bake.
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  • The Narrator also makes reference to "our house" in a few of the episodes, so it seems that even if he's not her biological father, he lives with her and looks after her.
Sarah could be an orphan who copes with the trauma/loneliness through her imagination.
Does Sarah know/remember her parents?
  • Maybe not, but she copes rather well anyway.
How does Duck feel about living in a home with a little girl?
  • Probably happy as he is well-looked-after; sometimes he has more clever ideas than Sarah.
There are characters that resemble possible parents of Sarah but maybe Sarah doesn't recognise them as her mum and dad.

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