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  • Some of Nadia's deaths, particularly early on, are quite funny due to how sudden they are.
    • In particular, the part in Episode 2 where she somehow falls down the stairs and dies 4 times in 3 minutes.
  • Nadia's entire interaction with the woman in the jewellers' shop is sublime.
    Nadia: You know that condition where you can't remember people's faces.
    Woman: Facial aphasia?
    Nadia: Yes. I have that, but with names.
    Woman: Oh, come on. You're fucking with me. I mean, people really like to fuck with me, so just...
    Nadia: No, no, no, it's a real condition.
    Woman: Mmm, what's that called?
    Nadia: It's, uh, it's aphasia. Yes, it's a very serious condition. You can google it after I leave.
  • “Hey, bartendress? Hello, yeah. More drunk, please.”
    • Almost the entire bar scene in “Reflections” qualifies. It has several serious, heartfelt moments, but it also has Alan finding out Nadia also had sex with Mike:
      Alan: This is not about my first death; this is probably because you were fucking that Irish, that Irish fucking gingerbread, fisherman-looking motherfucker!
    • And super-drunk Alan making a pass at Nadia:
      Nadia: Oh. (Beat) Looks like someone just threw a gauntlet right into my puss-puss… Let’s have at it!
  • Watching Nadia becoming increasingly unhinged over the course of many death loops (at least early in the series). Especially Maxine's baffled reactions.
  • In one loop, Nadia meets up with John and waves to his daughter Lucy through the cafe window. Lucy flips her off. Doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
    Nadia: Your kid just flipped me off! She's perfect!
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  • After Nadia and Alan discover they both have a deathly allergy to bees in the subway, Nadia says "Oh so I guess we run into a bunch of fuckin' honeybees now". Cue a Gilligan Cut to people running out of a subway entrance while a loud buzzing noise is heard. Then cut to the bathroom mirrors.
  • Natasha announces Season 2 in The only way possible.

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