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Heartwarming / Russian Doll

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The Way Out

  • When Nadia leaves the party and realizes that things are about to go awry, cosmically speaking, her first reaction is to tell Lizzy and Maxine to go with her, fearing what may happen to them if she isn't around.


  • When trying to find Alan, Nadia ends up bonding with his elderly neighbor when he asks her to put out her cigarette, saying that his wife died of lung cancer. Nadia tells him that life is a box of timelines and somehow, somewhere, his wife is alive, sipping delicious drinks in a paradisiac beach with a man much more handsome than him and they both laugh about it.
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  • This exchange:
Alan: You promise if I don't jump, I'll be happy?
Nadia: I don't know, man. Absolutely not. But I can promise you that you will not be alone.
Alan: Okay. What now?
  • The very end. Both versions of Nadia and Alan run into the same Dia de los Muertos-parade, grab torches and join the fun. The two timelines become one as Nadia and Alan have finally realised that they don't have to face the world alone.