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Funny / Punisher: War Zone

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  • The Quip to Black at the end when Frank caps a guy trying to mug Soap:
    Soap: Great, now I got brains splattered on me.
  • Budiansky's reaction to the Punisher blowing the face off Pittsy with a shotgun. "God DAMN it, Castle!"
    • What makes it so funny is that he's so pissed that he's incoherent. We know he's saying "God damn it, Castle!" but it sounds more like ''Gag namit ratsel!"
  • A fat Irish gangster attempts to sit out the climactic gunfight by hiding in an elevator, but makes the fatal decision to have a cigarette. The smoke leads Frank to the elevator...
    Fat Mook: Aw, f'r fook's sake—
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  • A mook is waiting by a door, hidden, so he can shoot Frank as soon as he shows up. Frank throws a grenade next to him. Rather than being scared, he gives a look of resignation. The "Aw, man!" expression on his face is what sells it.
  • The exchange between Jigsaw and Pittsy while "Loony Bin" Jim is exacting his revenge on the orderly is darkly hilarious.
    Pittsy: (holds up bottle of pills) What do ya say boss? Stuff might come in handy.
    Jigsaw: What for?
    Pittsy: Well, in case he starts, you know, not feeling so good.
    (Jim starts disemboweling the orderly)
    Jigsaw: He's doing just great.

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