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  • Being based heavily on the The Punisher MAX, the movie starts out the same way the comic did, with the execution of Don Cesare. However, instead of Frank's Simple, yet Awesome approach of nailing the Don in the head and leading all the mooks outside to an ambush armed with an M60 and some claymore mines, this version of the Punisher instead kills the lights, appears on top of the table in the dark with a flare, mounts in down on the table as he marches over to the Don and decapitates him, then he breaks the necks of the Don's wife and another goon when they try to kill him, stabs a guy in the head with his knife, stabs a guy through the heart with his own compound fractured arm, broken by the Punisher himself, and throws a fork and a knife, nailing one guy in the eye and slitting other's throat. Then when the lights come back, he shoots the rest on the table with his Berettas before holstering them, hooking his legs on the chandelier, and whipping out two nickel-plated HK MP5Ks with the handles removed and starts spinning around, killing all the mooks rushing in, providing the beautiful image for this page above. Was this over the top? Yes. Tactically stupid? Yes. Still very awesome? YES!
  • Frank Castle and an FBI agent manage to overwhelm a pair of mobsters holding the Donatelli family hostage. The FBI agent orders the surviving mobster to sit down, reads him his rights, and is about to handcuff him when Castle promptly blows the mobster's head off.
    • As an addendum to the above, Castle kills said mobster's son by PUNCHING THROUGH HIS FACE, essentially a Falcon Punch from Hell.
  • Castle pays Maginty back for the tip on the hit on the Donatelli house by dropping him off a rooftop onto a spiked fence - and then uses said corpse as a cushion to get back to the ground.
  • Castle showing us how he deals with bad guys who use Le Parkour.
  • There's a rare villainous example when the Russian mob boss walks in to 'help' Jigsaw's amassed criminal army. Jigsaw had his son arrested earlier in the film, he walked into the lobby of the hotel with his ENTIRE mob of enforcers, all armed with different forms of the Kalashnikov pattern, and proceed to tear the Yakuza forces in the lobby apart, it's later noted that said boss was "An old-school genocidal maniac."
    • Ironically, the Russian mob boss (and his son too), happen to be the movie versions of the same crime family who were the ringleaders of the human trafficking ring in what would become part of Frank most horrific CMOA in Garth Ennis' "The Slavers" story arc of The Punisher MAX.
  • "She's just a kid, Frank. Shoot me."
  • Frank avenging Micro by impaling Jigsaw and then burning him alive. His Tranquil Fury line afterward just cements it:
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  • Loony Bin Jim gets a villainous CMOA by lasting as long as he did in a fistfight against Frank, and even dominating in the beginning. Had his opponent been anyone else other than the Made of Iron vigilante, it would have been over in seconds.

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