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  • "When you left, the Old Man had to be forcibly restrained from taking off after you wearing nothing but a gun and a look of grim determination."


  • After Andrew states that, along with himself, Mary is the most important person present:
    Sam: So, if you two are being shot at, which bullet do I take?
    Andrew: (doesn't skip a beat) Well, you must try for both, of course.
  • When Mary tries to explain why she feels there's something off about the teenage boys, finally realizing it's because they aren't reacting to her the way men always do. She explains by demonstrating the "elevator eyes" Sam gave her when they met, and Andrew gives a disgusted "Oh, dear God." He expects his boy to be better than that (or at least more subtle about it, maybe).
  • Alex is more than happy to jab at Dr. Graves (a biologist) as he's trying to point out how fascinating the aliens biology is to study.
    Alex: (chuckles) Jeez Graves, I mean, he sounds like he wants to fuck the thing!
    • Later as he and Sam are about to leave for the alien nest, Alex tries to apologies to Graves. The conversation starts out as heartwarming, but Alex quickly starts to ramble.
    Alex: Hey Graves, I think you're a genius man. Look I just wanted to apologize for that comment I made back in the room. You know, when I made that bad joke about you fuckin the thing, I...
    Sam: Alex! Let's go!
    Alex: Thanks. Thanks!
    • Finally, while Alex is stalking Sam during the race to the rooftop. His delivery of such lines as "Here, Kitty Kitty." in Keith David's basso profundo cannnot be heard with a straight face.
  • After Sam frees his father from the last of the aliens by shooting him. Their banter is very nonchalant, perhaps too nonchalant.
    Andrew: I can't believe you shot me.
    Sam: Well, what would you have done?
    Andrew: (pragmatically) Oh, I'd have shot you, of course.
  • What starts as a dramatic scene as Sam starts to panic over Andrew.
    Sam: Dad? Dad! Come man, don't do this to me. Don't do this to me! Dad!
    Andrew: (mumbling, eyes still shut) Stop shouting Sam. For God's sakes. You know how much I hate it.