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  • The very end, when Edmund realizes he's left his newly bought torch (flashlight to Americans) in Narnia.
  • Trumpkin's vast fund of G-rated alliterative expostulations. "Crumbs and crumpets!"
  • Aslan's revel freeing an unfortunate student from her terrible school... and, later, an unfortunate teacher from her horrible students. The author didn't have very many pleasant memories of his school years.
  • One of the funniest lines from the book that made it into the movie:
    Peter: Girls can't carry a map in their heads.
    Lucy: That's because our heads actually have something in them.
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  • In the book, the transition from Earth to Narnia is a highly uncomfortable "pulling" sensation as the Horn yanks them into Narnia. Once they find out that the Horn was responsible, Edmund compares it to summoning a genie and says, "Now we know what it feels like for the Djinn! It's a bit uncomfortable to know that we can be whistled for like that."

BBC Version

  • The first episode opens with the Pevensies at the station - sprinting to find a free bench to sit on. The force of it knocks another girl completely off the bench. Susan then taunts Lucy for her unladylike behaviour.
    Susan: Lucy, really. Who would ever believe that you were once a Queen of Narnia?
    Lucy: You jolly well ran too, Queen Susan.



  • The Pevensies rescue Trumpkin from a group of Telmarines. Susan shouts "drop him" and one of the Telmarine soldiers quite literally drops into the water, and Susan swims and rescues him.
    Trumpkin: Drop him?!
    Susan: A simple thank you would suffice.
  • The quickest way the Pevensies know to get to Aslan's How (formerly the Stone Table) is to cross a river called the Rush. When they finally find it, after 1,000 years in Narnia Time, the peaceful little river that used to be no trouble to ford is now at the bottom of a deep gorge.
    Susan: See, over time, water erodes the Earth's soil, carving deep into the...
    Peter: Oh, shut up.
  • A Deleted Scene during the raid on the castle:
    Peter: (looking down in the crib at Miraz's new baby) Where did that come from?
    Susan: Mum never had that talk with you?
  • The Running Gag with Telmarines meeting Reepicheep.
    • First, Caspian after fleeing the castle:
      Reepicheep: Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine!
      Caspian: ... You are a mouse.
      Reepicheep: I was hoping for something a little more original.
    • During the nighttime raid on the castle:
      Reepicheep, preemptively, before the Telmarine guard even has a chance to react beyond shock: Yes, I'm a mouse.
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    • And during the final battle:
      Soldier: You're a mouse!
      Reepicheep: You people have no imagination!
      • Also, that soldier was was one of the animators in charge of bringing Reepicheep to life onscreen.
  • Reepicheep in general, really:
    Lucy: (whispering) Oh my gosh, he is so cute!
    Reepicheep: (drawing his sword) Who said that?!
    • Meeting Trumpkin in the attack on the castle:
      Reepicheep: Oh. We were expecting someone, you know, taller.
      Trumpkin: You're one to talk...
      Reepicheep: What, was that supposed to be irony?
    • The mice under Reepicheep hogtie the Telmarines' cat. Reepicheep looked like he was going to really enjoy this in the scene beforehand.
    • On strategies:
      Edmund: The Telmarines can just starve us out.
      Pattertwig: We could collect nuts!
  • Miraz delivers some Deadpan Snarker gold, starting off when Caspian tries to kill him in his bed. He wakes up to the sword at his throat and says, "Thank goodness... you're safe."
    • His wife finds out about his darker history...
      Prunaprismia: You said your brother died in his sleep.
      Miraz: That was more or less true.
    • Peter and Susan walk in on the scene with Miraz doing a hilariously annoyed pose of hands on his hips.
      Miraz: This used to be a private room.
  • While at the station just before being called to Narnia, Susan sees Warren coming towards them.
    Susan: Quick, pretend you're talking to me.
    Edmund: We are talking to you.
  • At the end, when Susan and Caspian kiss:
    Lucy: I suppose when I'm older I'll understand.
    Edmund: I'm older and don't think I want to understand.
  • When Peter and Caspian first meet:
    Caspian: I thought you'd be... older.
  • When the hag and the werewolf try to resurrect the White Witch, Edmund stops them by smashing the block of ice she appears in.
    Edmund: [to Peter] I know. You had it sorted.
  • When they're at the top of a cliff, we get this exchange.
    Edmund: Is there a way down?
    Trumpkin: Yeah. Falling.
  • Lucy finding one of her old dresses from when she was Queen of Narnia.
    Lucy: I was so tall.
    Susan: were older there.
    Edmund: As opposed to hundreds of years later when you're younger.
  • Lucy starts referring to Trumpkin as the 'DLF' (dear little friend). He quips that the name isn't at all patronising.
  • Reepicheep's desperate justification for wanting his tail back, with Eddie Izzard somehow managing to make the book's original dialogue sound like something straight out of her stand-up material.


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