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  • The end of "Really Scent" where Pepe removes his odor to be with Penelope, while she gets a similar idea and gets a skunk like odor of her own is rather giggle inducing because of the sheer irony alone.
  • Any ending in which the tables turn on Pepe and he ends up being chased by Penelope can make one giggle due to the Hypocritical Humor.
    • "You know it is possible to be too attractive."
    • Pepe: (while struggling to push an amorous Penelope away) "But madame!"
  • Another example is from the more recent incarnation of the Looney Tunes, The Looney Tunes Show. One cannot deny that Skunk Funk has it's own brand of humor with Pepe being... Pepe.
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  • 1953's "Wild Over You," in which the unlucky cat to be painted and harrassed by Pepe is a wildcat that escaped from the zoo. Rather than just squirm out of Pepe's amorous grasp, she claws him and leaves him dazed. Pepe's response: "I like eet!" Also counts as a Moment of Awesome and a Refuge in Audacity as, back in the 1950s, any reference to sexual perversion (in this case, masochism) was considered taboo by the Hays Office, who apparently didn't catch on to what Jones and Maltese were implying, as the cartoon was released with nothing toned down (though somewhere online is a script outline for what scenes were originally going to be in the cartoon, but were most likely cut for time reasons or because the gag wasn't funny enough to be included). Pepe's end line of "If you have not tried it, do not knock it," just cements the fact that Jones and Maltese knew what they were doing (in terms of testing the censors) when creating "Wild Over You."
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  • Whenever Penelope tries to run away Pepe always ends up finding her.
  • "You know one of the mysteries of my life is why a woman run away when all she really wish is to be captured."
    • "But darling, tomorrow I may be shipped overseas."
    • "Almost like shooting fish in a barrel."
  • All of the fake French. All of it.
    "Le mew. Le purrrrrrr..."
    "Le (pant, pant pant)!"
    "Un smellé vu finé."
  • At the end of "Louvre, Come Back to Me", his scent ruins tons of classic artwork. Except for one:
    The Mona Lisa: I can tell you chaps one thing: it's not always easy to hold this smile.
  • In For Scent-imental Reasons, at one point, Penelope takes cover inside of a glass case with Pepe outside trying to persuade her to come out. After she refuses to come out the second time he tries to persuade her out, Pepe goes on what can only best be described as a Cluster F-Bomb, as seen here.


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