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  • Karen goes to interview Foley's ex-wife, and while there escaped convict Chino (GUZMAN!) comes looking for Foley for revenge. Karen makes quick work of Chino and while she's handcuffing him is on the phone with the jerkass FBI agent hunting Foley so she can barter the arrest and get on the Foley task force. All the while, Chino is chatting up Foley's ex-wife - an ex-magician's assistant - about the "Saw the Woman In Half Trick." His response upon finding out...
    • Guzman's acting during the entire arrest is just gut-bustingly funny.
  • The shot of the Paper Thin Disguises used by the FBI when they're monitoring Jack and Buddy.
  • Karen's sitting in Glenn's getaway car while Buddy and Foley argue in the background. Karen immediately recognizes Glenn from a previous arrest, and coolly proceeds to browbeat the confused driver into driving off, leaving Buddy and Foley standing there in shock.
    • She does it to him again in Detroit. He's not thrilled.
  • Pretty much everything Karen's dad does and says.
  • While in prison, Foley tries to talk Ripley out of staying under Snoop's brutal "protection" while hanging out in the prison library. Snoop sends his bodyguard over to silence Foley.
    Snoop: You're fucked up now, man. That's Himey. Protege of mine. Ranked number thirty-two in the federal prison system.
    Foley: Out of what? Twenty? (beats up Himey in under two seconds)
    • And after Foley effortlessly takes out the bodyguard, he and Snoop have to pretend to share reading a book when the guards come rushing in to see what the noise is about.
  • Foley: Is this your first time being robbed? (the cute teller nods) You're doing great.
  • Glenn trying his luck with the prison weightlifting gear. It doesn't end well.
  • The way Karen shoots down two of the three businessmen hitting on her in that hotel bar. Crosses with CMoA.
    Karen: Andy? Really. Who gives a shit?
  • Buddy and Jack trying to flee Buddy's place - a rental hotel filled with amiable but slow retirees tripping the pair up - just as the task force swarms the place.
    • The elevator they're in stops at the main floor where Karen waits with a walkie-talkie to cover that escape route. Karen spies them, Jack staring right at her in shock, and just as she's about to raise the alarm Jack wordlessly waves "hi" to her, stunning her silent. She stays that way, just sitting there, as Jack and Buddy speed out of the underground garage and past the lobby.
    Karen's Dad: Did you wave back?
  • The hapless way Snoop's crew tries to rob Ripley's place until it gets gory, but still falls under Black Comedy.
    • When they find Ripley's safe, they foolishly think they can blast the door open with their guns. Even as they try to position themselves to avoid the obvious ricochets, it all falls under Too Dumb to Live in the worst way. Finally, Ripley's housekeeper (and mistress) matter-of-fact gives them the damn combination code.
      • and all they find are Ripley's hideous wigs.

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