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  • From Nightwing: Year One we have this exchange between Dick and Commissioner Gordon when the former is introducing himself as Nightwing.
    Gordon: Say something... Say something only the The Kid would know.
    Nightwing: My former associate has a thing for bats? You took up a pipe to quit smoking cigarettes? Wait, howzabout— HOLY MISTAKEN IDENTITY!
    Gordon: *lowers his gun*
  • In Annual #2, there's a flashback to Dick's time as Robin showing him working with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). They get knocked unconscious by Crazy Quilt and wake up stuffed together inside a safe. Batgirl is dressed, you know, as she usually is, and there's a lot of contact going on. Batman comes along and cuts a hole in the safe to let them out. Robin gets out hunched over and holding his cape in front of him. Batman notices.
    Batman: Robin? You OK, chum?
    Robin: Uh, it's nothing.
    Batman: You sure?
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  • In Nightwing Vol 2 #25 while Dick and Tim are practicing their balance blindfolded on the top of a train Dick asks Tim if there's anything he wants to talk about and Tim's nonchalant response that his girlfriend is pregnant actually makes Dick lose his almost always perfect balance.
  • From Grayson #8, the in-universe fangirls have taken to naming Nightwing's buttcheeks. Are you Team Jim or Team Juan?

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