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The Victim is a Mini Series that aired on The BBC in February 2019. Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald) is still grieving the murder of her son by another child, Eddie J. Myers, who now lives under a new identity. When she tracks down the troubled Craig (James Harkness) and his fragile wife Rebecca (Karla Crome), she believes that she's found her son's killer. When she leaks his identity online, he is brutally beaten and nearly killed - only for evidence to emerge that he isn't the right person. Disgraced police officer Steven Grover (John Hannah) is determined to prosecute Anna for her role in Craig's injury.

The Victim provides examples of:

  • Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting: Craig was severely abused as a child, but he is a very good father to his and Rebecca's daughter.
  • Driving Question: Are Craig and Eddie the same person?
  • Enfant Terrible: Anna thinks of Eddie as one. She is ultimately proven wrong. Craig is Eddie, but he is also a loving father who is ridden with guilt for his behavior.
  • Grief-Induced Split: Anna and her husband divorce after the murder of their young son by a fellow child. Though she remarries, both are shown as being consumed by grief years later.
  • Playing the Victim Card: Discussed. Rebecca gives Anna a "The Reason You Suck" Speech where she says that people feel obliged to treat Anna better than others because she has suffered a terrible loss, even if it includes times where Anna is objectively in the wrong.
  • Social Media Is Bad: Anna accurately reveals that Eddie Myers is Craig on social media, which leads to him being savagely beaten, nearly killed, and fired from his job.