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  • The Joker is a goldmine of these during his limited time in the series. There's his first appearance in the Christmas issue - stealing a family's Christmas presents, while quoting the Grinch, no less.
    • Or this exchange from the New Year's Eve issue:
    Batman: "You're insane!"
    Joker: "Has it really taken you this long to notice?"
  • A minor one, but Catwoman - when grabbed by an Ivy-controlled Bruce Wayne - actually lets out a, "Mrow!" of surprise.
  • Calendar Man and Holiday's holiday-themed tête–à–tête near the end.
  • Batman and Harvey Dent themselves in the warehouse full to the roof of money that Falcone couldn't launder:
    Harvey: "Oh boy. You know... If we were two other guys in a room full of untraceable cash-"
    Batman: "We're not."
    Harvey: "Yeah. But I was just thinking how easy-"
    Batman: "DON'T."
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  • Maroni's Oh, Crap! face when, on Christmas, he gets visited by Batman after Joker killed one of his men and was about to kill him for Holiday's kills.
  • Holiday's April Fool's Day attack: Shooting around a terrified Riddler.
"What time is it when Batman discovers your secret hideout? Time to get a new hideout. (hic)"
  • Not to mention Sofia Falcone's method of "motivating" The Riddler to come up with Holiday's identity. You can almost feel Nygma's eyeballs straining to pop out of his skull. And his expression is priceless.
"Question: Why does the killer shoot Alberto Falcone anyway?" Answer: Because he can."

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