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Tim fell asleep on a roller coaster
  • In Robin #58:
    Robin: Could I ask you for some non-professional advice?
    Oracle: Talk to Doctor Babs, Robin.
    Robin: I Have This Friend
    Oracle: Hold on. This friend isn't you, is it?
    Robin: My friend is pregnant.
    Oracle: Oh.
  • In Robin 137, Tim gets a little frustrated with having to fight the Dark Rider every night.
    "Hello, Bruce? I guess you're also still out tonight doing what we do. No need to call me back when you get this message. I was just thinking about our methods and needed to vent. This revolving door situation with our villains has really gotten out of hand. We keep catching them so the powers-that-be can keep putting them back on the streets? Where's the sense in that? Frustrating to say the least. I was wondering. Can I shoot just one of them? Everyone knows we don't use guns, so no one would ever suspect us. Perfect crime, right? I'm pretty sure I'm kidding — this time."
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  • Tim trolling Ives and Hudson when he comes across them looking into something he’s investigating as Robin by playing at being some kind of territorial monster from the shadows, For the Lulz:
    Robin: *This is too good.*
    Ives: Hudster? How are we supposed to find proof of what we saw?
    Robin: LEAvE tHiS PLAcE! tHis iS MY DOMAiN!
    Hudson: RUN!
    Ives: [running] OMANOMANOMANOMAN
    Robin: Be GoNE oR DIE!
  • Tim's Dad, stepmom, Ives and Stephanie are able to give him a surprise birthday for his sixteenth without trying to keep it a secret because he forgot his own birthday. He gets all suspicious of them all being over without him knowing in advance and doesn't even guess what's going on.
  • In, Robin #171 – The Odds Against Tim was (accidentally) having a nice dream while on a date with Zoanne Wilkins:
    Zoanne: Wake Up!
    Tim: HOLEEEE…
    Zoanne: You fell asleep on a roller coaster!
    Tim: I’m sorry, Zo! I was up late and-
    Zoanne: You. Fell. Asleep. On. A. Roller. Coaster!
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  • In one issue a group of heroes led by The Veteran (the invincible personification of Patriotism) is fighting their way across Bludhaven, which is filled with C- and D-list villains recently escaped from a prison, to get to Robin. One such villain, who appears to be made of straw, leaps out of the shadows and declares...
    Wicker Man: Behold! I am the Wicker Man! Beware my power!
    The Veteran: Oh for the love of... [pulls out and lights a lighter] Behold! I have a working lighter!
    Wicker Man: ...I surrender.
  • Tim responding to an attempt to scare him off with "I don't scare that easily. I've seen Batman eat corn on the cob."
  • At one point, Tim's inner monologue describes the relationship between Dick and Jason as akin to Marsha and Jan Brady, before pausing to admit that, yes, he's aware he's just cast himself as Cindy.