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  • This unexpected collaboration with The Lonely Island has him thinking he's writing a soundtrack song for the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film. It deteriorates and ramps up the CMoF fast when it turns out the hook/chorus he wrote for The Lonely Island's song doesn't match the group's original lyrics at all.
    • It gets worse when Bolton tries to make the power chorus fit to some of the other films he likes... including Erin Brockovich and Al Pacino's Scarface (1983). With Bolton dressing up as the lead character each time.
      • Considering that means he dresses up as Julia Roberts for the Brockovich lyrics... uh yeah.
      • Only Michael Bolton could turn Tony Montana's grenade launcher into a flamethrower.
      • Plus the chorus about Forrest Gump with a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by Robin Wright.
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    • His interruption of the second verse with "Now back to the good part!" became Memetic Mutation immediately, helped greatly by his facial expression and the fact that his hat never appears at any other time in the video.
  • Office Space featuring Michael Bolton. As in, the actual Michael Bolton.
  • Bolton made an appearance in the Honest Trailers video for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, providing over-the-top covers for the film's most famous songs.

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