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Funny / Mary and Max

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  • Max's harmless pretending to be "an intergalactical robot" scared a woman so badly she rushed to the phone booth to call 911.
  • Some of Max's Literal-Minded moments fall into this, particularly the "Take a Seat" portion.
  • While in the Army, Max is asked whether he's a member of any radical groups, replying that he was a member of the New York Science-Fiction Fan-club.
    • Then it turns out he actually was a registered member of the Communist party.
  • In the middle of his otherwise emotional letter to Mary, Max drops this gem.
    The hurt felt like when I accidentally stapled my lips together. (Cue Young!Max doing just that)
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  • The deaths of the Henrys, especially when one jumps out of the window trying to catch a fly.
  • Max having to go to jury for a man who killed all his friends... at his own surprise birthday party.

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