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Heartwarming / Mary and Max

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  • After reading about how Max has tried to cry (emotionally) without success, Mary bottles her own tears and sends them to him so he can experience it.
  • After Mary tells Max about how she feels like such a fool for spending her savings on removing the birthmark on her forehead, as she still had self-esteem issues, Max reads the letter on the bus-stop bench. A little kid offers him some candy, which he gladly takes and offers a chocolate cigarette in exchange, earning a dirty look and telling off from the kid's mother. But then he looks at what's written on the candy heart - "Love Yourself First". Cue Idea Bulb.
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  • Max's final (on-screen) letter to Mary, forgiving her and pulling her out of her depression.
  • The final scene in the movie, with a bit of foreshadowing earlier. Max had ironed, pressed, and laminated all of Mary's letters, presumably to keep "in a special place". When Mary comes to visit, Max had died that morning, staring at the ceiling with a contented smile frozen on his face. She looks around the apartment, seeing some of the gifts she'd sent before looking at the ceiling herself, which is covered with all of the letters she'd sent him over their 20+ year correspondence. Couples with tearjerker, but that's a devoted friend. And all set to the Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly.
    Max: You are my best friend. You are my only friend.

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