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  • The October 11, 2019 episode: An officer performing a field sobriety test on a drunk driver. A nearby bystander started playing the theme song from COPS and N.W.A.'s "Fuck tha Police" at full blast from their car stereo. The officer himself got a good laugh from it. Then in the studio Sgt. Sean "Sticks" Larkin gives the recap and has do a Verbal Backspace when he goes over the song since the network probably does not want him to mention their competition.
    Sticks: "Someone in the background was playing the theme song from Co... some other police show."
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  • The October 12, 2019 episode: an officer comes across a man who is possibly trespassing. The suspect notices the cameras and assumes the crew is from COPS. The back and forth between the two is pretty funny considering how Sticks tried to avoid saying the show name the previous night.
    Suspect: I'm on Cops?
    Officer: No dude, you're not on Cops.
    Suspect: I'll sue Cops if they put me on Cops.
    Officer: Well, I will tell them not to put you on that show. How's that sound?
  • The October 26, 2018 episode: A criminal steal one of the police cars. Some of the comments the suspect makes over the still-recording dash cam in the stolen police car can be humorous. She initially declared her innocence over her original arrest for stealing a car and admitted to the officers after her second capture that she now has been arrested for stealing a car—admitting she just has!
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  • The November 26, 2018 episode: Saw police in Franklin County, Ohio, arrest a woman who was watching what sounded an awful lot like porn, prompting one of the officers to look right at the camera with confused astonishment.
  • The January 3, 2020 episode: Captain Burt conducts a traffic stop and the motorist is nervous as it is his first time being pulled over. After he is assured its just a minor infraction the driver tells the Captain about how he loves watching Live PD because he find it funny how dumb some criminals are, and then recounts his favorite arrest. When he is done, Captain Burt laughingly reveals to the driver that he was the officer that conducted the arrest the driver was talking about, and that the Live PD camera crew is currently behind them.

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