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This page will have Spoilers Unmarked. You have been warned.

Kirby Epic Paper 2

     Chapter 1 


STAGE 1-2 [A warm welcome to Ostura]

STAGE 1-3 [Rollin Rock]

  • This chase segment.
    • Becky charging up a fire blast just to see that the enemy has already been dealt with.

STAGE 1-4 + BOSS [Sand Claw]

  • Febo having trouble saying Lord Kojar's name, calling him "Collar thing guy".
  • Apparently working together saving the world one time is still enough to convince King Upa that Kirby is the chosen one.
  • As soon as Sand Claw emerges, Troy hightails it out of there.

STAGE World 1 [1-1 to 1-4]

  • Febo saying Lord Kojar's name, calling him "collar wearing guy".

     Chapter 2 

STAGE 2-1 Hold on or Screw Up

  • Febo complaining how World 2 is also a desert when World 1 was a big desert.
  • The Heroes learning that Munchy built over Ostura's ancient ruins.
    Munchy: "Well no one was using the place, seems like a perfect spot for my theme park."
  • And when he leaves, somehow a bumper car lands on Febo and it cuts to the end of the episode.

STAGE 2-2 Munchy Park Entrance

STAGE 2-3 Knock Knock Town

STAGE 2-4 Wet Warm Oasis

  • The fact that Munchy built a roller coaster underground.
    • When he pushed a Hot Dog Stand towards the Heroes, it wasn't out of malice, as he genuinely believed he helped the Heroes finish the level.

STAGE 2-5 Smell the Light [FEBO STAGE]

  • When Becky questions Febo's ability to smell light.
    Becky: "Smell light? How does that work?"
    Febo: "How do you summon fire?"
    Becky: (stands proud) "Through my hands! How do you smell...with no nose?"
    Febo: (looks unamused) "'s magic...fairy just follow me..."
  • It continued when they escape the underground.
    Becky: (all happy) "OOOOH! Mr No Nose smells his way out!"

STAGE 2-6 Munch Cart Coaster

  • Munchy is seen placing an enemy for Kirby to face, the expression he makes just screams Oh Crap!
  • When Munchy doesn't take Becky's demands seriously, she just unleashes a can of fiery whoopass and then the level starts.

STAGE 2-7+ Boss : Munchy Fortress


     Chapter 3 

STAGE 3-1: Into the Strings

STAGE 3-2: Lost floating souls

STAGE 3-3: Willy Humid Woods

  • There's something oddly funny the way that Lord Kojar suddenly zaps Kirby with a unique expression before fleeing, like if he hissed before fleeing.

STAGE 3-4: Bounce and Stick

STAGE 3-5: The Great Jacob show!

     Chapter 4 

STAGE 4-1: The Kiwi Isles

  • Becky trying to brush off her fear of water and failing.
    • Febo offers to fly Becky over the water but notes at the risk of falling. Becky's response?
      Becky: I'd rather take the freaking boat.
  • The Stinger reveals the implication the heroes stole a boat. That's not the funny part, the funny part being the one of the owners of the boat, flailing their arms, upset, like a child throwing a tantrum.

STAGE 4-2: Hop on the Kiwi Isles

  • Right after the boat crashes onto an small island, the mermaid seen in the end of the previous video just suddenly shows up and shoots water at Becky. The episode ends with Becky giving the mermaid a pissed off look.

STAGE 4-3: Deep Down Swim

STAGE 4-4: Pearl Island

  • Becky: Oh! Hi Obia!. *the camera pans and suddenly cannon fire to the face*
  • Obia's expression upon shooting said cannon if you pay attention to her face

STAGE 4-5: Coral Coral Reef

  • Kirby's face when he finds out the Tear Wand they found in the previous episode was a fake.
  • Becky looks less than amused to learn that the mermaid who shot water at her a couple episodes back is now working with them.
    • Mermaid upon getting a closer look at Becky, she remembers her exactly and then laughs about it. Cue Becky with a unamused look.


  • Obia's wonderful expression is there for all to see in it's full glory! Along with a smug one.

     Chapter 5 

STAGE 5-1: Ceniza West Shore

  • The first thing Becky does when the heroes arrive to the Ceniza Kingdom, is immediately kiss a rock. Extremely happy that her time surrounded by water is now over.
  • While Kirby's sudden Victory Dance kicks in, startling Febo, Becky is seen making her way closer to town, smelling her favorite drink as the dance and episode ends.

STAGE 5-2: Ceniza Kingdom

  • The Queen's important business to attend to, is to enjoy her Rock Chocolate Cake.
  • Febo questions about the taste of a Lava Shake, while suddenly getting thicker eye brows for his skeptical expression, followed by a citizen of Ceniza loudly answering while the camera dramatically zooms on their face.
    • When Becky mentions that Febo's body won't handle the lava and confirms that Lava Shakes are made with actual lava, cue Febo with a horrified face.
    • When Bandana Dee points out they lack the money to buy a Lava Shake, cue a excited Becky thudding from the realization.
  • Bandana Dee being the one to suggest stealing from a citizen's shop while he's on break!
  • When Becky gets her Lava Shake and is about to ask some waiter for some info, she accidentally burns someone off-screen.
  • In a quick Freeze-Frame Bonus, Becky reacts to when Queen Fusie suddenly gets a bit too close for comfort.

STAGE 5-3: Crumble Climb

  • Febo's plan when he, Kirby and Bandana notice Lord Kojar.
    Bandana Dee: "Sir Febo.... You are a genius."

STAGE 5-4: Becky Swims up

STAGE 5-5: ✨Big battles Eruption✨


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