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Trivia / Kirby's Epic Paper

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  • All There in the Manual: George has a amino page where you can find some extra info about the characters that made an appearance to the mooks in various stages.
    • While Freeze Tape can trap enemies in place for platforming, it's been said, that it is unable to trap Bosses for long, as they'll break free.
    • The mermaid's name was revealed to be Pearlei via concept art on Twitter a few months after her first appearance but before her name was mentioned on Youtube.

  • Art Evolution: Comparing Epic Paper 1 to Epic Paper 2, the show's style has evolved greatly (8 years between them helps).

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  • Creator's Pest: George explained that Princess Abelia won't be in Kirby's Epic Paper 2 due to wanting a protagonist who can defend themselves.

  • Easter Egg: In Epic Paper 2 Stage 5-1, a mermaid looking a lot like RosaJon can be seen in the background.

  • Early Installment Weirdness: Kirby's Epic Paper 1. It had a different layout for Kirby's abilities, enemies were crossed off when defeated instead of fading away, left on the paper environment as well as it having pacing that's fast, a bit too fast at times.
    • Kirby's Epic Paper 2, suffers a bit of this as well in the fast pacing part in the beginning. However, as time goes on, the pacing gets fixed.

  • Old Shame: George has admitted that Kirby's Epic Paper 1 has not aged well. So much to the point where he suggests you skip 1 and go straight into 2.

  • Spell My Name with an "S": Kirby's Epic Paper for the longest time didn't have the "'s" in it's title name, let alone, logo. Sometime into 2 the logo changed to obtain the "'s" but the title still spells it without it.

  • Shout-Out: Plenty.
    • In Epic Paper 1, there is:
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    • In Epic Paper 2, there is:
      • Kirby's copy ability Blaster is a reference to Splatoon, complete in the visuals and the sound effect used.
      • Munchy is practically the character that lives and breathes this trope, packing in Pac-Man and Super Smash Brothers references.
      • The concept artist made one to RosaJon for shits and giggles. George liked the idea so much that he used the design.

  • What Could Have Been: In the comments section of Intro Stage 1-1, apparently The Conductor and DJ Grooves were planned to be in the card game as well but didn't make the cut.
    • For the Kiwi Isles Mermaid Concepts, only the designs showed off were the ones picked and shown in the beginning of Stage 5-1. Whether or not the others get shown is currently unknown.

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