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When Kirby meets Paper Mario.
Kirby's Epic Paper is a Stop Motion Web Animation created by GeorgeGW. It's a series that focuses on Kirby and gang, now Paper like ala Paper Mario as they share a universe and then some together.

Kirby's Epic Paper 1, debuted in 2010. It's about Kirby and Febo on their quest to save Princess Abelia from the evil clutches of Satula as they adventure around through the Scrap Kingdom.

Kirby's Epic Paper 2, debuted in 2018. It's about Kirby and Febo, now joined by Becky Unzu, to save her brother Troy Unzu and stop Lord Kojar from collecting all 6 Wands as they travel the Land of Ostura. As of November 14, 2019, it's also being uploaded to Newgrounds.


The Tropes in both series share:

The Tropes in Kirby's Epic Paper 1 are:

  • MacGuffin: The Nyx Paper, any wish written on it will be granted.

The Tropes in Kirby's Epic Paper 2 are:

  • Amusement Park: As well as a desert which has a ruins, Munchy turned the ruins into a amusement park.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: In Epic Paper 2, Stage 1-4 + Boss, Troy is suddenly seen, with Kojar seemingly nowhere to be found despite the earlier kidnapping. However, one may remember how the latter teleports, so seeing how Troy got there subtly reveals that Kojar was able to persuade Troy into working with him, a bit of time before the heroes find out.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The Ceniza Kingdom is located near and surrounded around with magma, lava and volcanoes. Doubles as a Meaningful Name, as Ceniza means Ash in Spanish.
  • Lost Woods: The Forest of Lost Souls is said to be place where souls who get lost there, wonder forever.
  • Magic Wand: There are 6 in the Land of Ostura, each wielding a different power.
    • The Ostura Wand controls Earth.
    • The Ruins Wand controls lightning and can summon monoliths.
    • The Leaf Wand controls plants and can use Pure Energy.
    • The Tear Drop Wand controls water.
    • The Flame Wand may controls fire.
      • In Stage 3-5, it's revealed that there's another wand than the supposed 6. The name is currently unknown but it's been shown as early in Stage 1-2 that it can trap people inside of it.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Febo and Bandana Dee getting back the Sand Wand in Stage 5-5 from Troy.
  • Palmtree Panic: The Kiwi Isles takes places on isles with beaches on them.
  • Shifting Sand Land: World 1 as a whole and bits of 2 (mixed with Ruins for Ruins' Sake), as it takes place in the Ostura Kingdom specifically, as it's located in a desert.
  • Wham Line: Two in fact, in Stage 3-5:
    • Becky: ...we just need one more thing. Do you know where is the Leaf Wand?
      Jacob: Oh I used to have it a kid with a purple hair just took it and almost hurt me, he wasn't nice.
      Febo: Oh no!
      Becky: *dawns a Oh, Crap! Face*
      Kojar: We now have 4 now. We are just missing 3.

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