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  • Bob explaining to Dora who the CIA are in this universe:
    Bob: Conferation Inter-Mondiale des Enfoirés (french for "Inter-World Conferation of Bastards").
    Dora: Eee... "Enfoirés" with a "A"?
    Bob: See? Told you they were dumb!
  • The story about how the Halloweenians managed to defeat a tank with pitchfrocks.
  • When Tutti-Frutti gets informed the protagonists are coming for him:
    Halloweenian: Master, the ennemies are coming! They have already taken the ground floor.
    Tutti-Frutti: Ah ah ah! How pathetic! It will take them hours to reach this studio!
    Halloweenian: Eeeeeeh.... Master? This studio is on the ground floor.
    Tutti-Frutti: WHAT?!
    Halloweenian: We didn't have the budget for stairs, so we built only one 100 meters-tall floor.
    Tutti-Frutti: You imbeciles! Wreckers! Why do you think I pay you for?
    Halloweenian: We... are not payed, master.
    Tutti-Frutti: That's the point! You are supposed to work to the glory of Marxism, but clearly capitalism corrupted you! Traitor! To the Goulag!
    Halloweenian: No, master! Please, not the goulag.... eeeee, wait, I already am in the goulag!
  • Practically everything Pathetic says is absolutely hilarious.
    • Here is how she introduces herself to Dora:
      Pathetic: I am the Great Witch of Darkness! The Hellish Necromancer! The Dragon Queen! I am PATHETIC! (Evil Laugh).
      Dora: Well, talk about an Epic Fail...
      Pathetic: Of course those idiots aren't laughing, you moron! I forbid them!
      Dora: My God... this is pathetic.
      Pathetic: Yes, that's what my victims say when I show up. Except they usually sound... more scared.
    • This is what she says while preparing herself a snack:
      Pathetic: Well, the final phase of my plan is about to end. Everything goes exactly as planned! Soon, the Anscestral power shall run in my veins, and Ultimate Power shall be mine! My victory is complete!
  • The heroes progressing in the Forgotten Fortress, and running into riddles after riddle... only for Gecko to easily solve them all.
    Cobalt: Tell me... riddles are supposed to prevent people from getting inside, right?
    Dora: Yep.
    Cobalt: Then what's the point if people like Gecko can solve them without even doing it on purpose?!
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  • The confrontation between Wasa and Gaz Mask:
    Gaz Mask (chuckling): This is madness.
  • The hilariously short fight with the Behemoth:
    Behemoth's Echo: Maybe that's why game testers consider us the lamest boss in the game...
    Cobalt: Why is he the lamest boss in... (Gecko accidentally makes his shield fall on the Behemoth's horn)
    Cobalt: ... Oh, that's why...
  • Wasa, when surrounded by an army of aggressive Tailless, tries to save his skin by offering them to play Daifugo. It works.
    • Even better is their dialogues after a while:
    Minion 1: You know guys, I am getting kinda sick of the Presidentnote  now...
    Minion 1: No, I mean.... couldn't we try a Liarnote , for a change?
    Minion 2: I don't get your point, that doesn't change anything...

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