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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Ishtar's broccoli battle. She shoves around the unappetizing vegetable with her fork, concludes that it's too raw to eat... So raw, in fact, that it might stil be alive. And it's moving! Cue her fighting against the space broccoli, jumping on the kitchen table, and slays it to prevent an alien invasion while her mother just carries on with the housework.
  • King Lugal wants to enjoy his life of luxury and comfort but hates the responsability of being the lider of the Ziti... His solution? Abdicate the Throne and shove his royal duties onto his 9-year-old daughter!
  • He then proceeds to enjoy his retirement days touring Earth on an old motorhouse with his friend, who is an anzud (aka a giant chicken) and is covered head to toes with a raincoat, face mask, sunglasses and a hat so that the humans don't realize they are aliens.
  • Three mysterious, giant, surprisingly light crates are delivered at the Sata residence. Ishtar breaks one open with a crowbar and after a deluge of porexpan floods the livingroom, she steps inside and finds there was nothing else inside. Intrigued, she then tries the second, also breaking the side and pouring even more porexpan on the carpet, only to find the same emptiness inside. She wises up with the third crate, opens it from the top to contain the porexpan, and jumps in to find nothing but white little plastic balls. And, since the livingroom already looks like a frozen taiga, she just waits inside the crate for a while and then jumps out, screeching like a Yeti, and scares her brother half to death.
  • Turug's adventure in Can Sata. He was supposed to go to Earth through a portal, step into Ishtar's house, swiftly kidnap one of her family members and go back to Ki. However, the faulty interdimensional alterer causes the portal to have a shrinking effect, and Turug finds himself in a giant living room... With a huge, fierce monster staring down at him. That monster is in fact Grati, the Sata cat, who starts playing with the mouse-sized terrified Tidnum, accidentally steps on the half-broken device and falls into the tiny portal denying Turug his only chance to go back home.
  • The Nuzu Brother's detective skills, or lack thereof. Particularly, their main strategy to find the culprit in The Shapla Case is to stare right into a suspect's eyes and ask, slowly and intently, "Did you kill the King?". Doubly hilarious since they actually end up succeeding!
  • Nakki is in a hurry to go to Glik, and tells Ishtar they'll be travelling in a perfectly safe and not at all deadly emergency method of transportation. Said method is the Zagtag, which is in fact a very fancy word for catapult.
  • Golik and Galam's infiltration mission. When you combine a pro spy and a clumsy scientist as stealthy as a rhino in a china shop, you might as well announce your secret mission with a megaphone. It is amazing they pulled it off undiscovered, and with only a flooded lab and a burnt down restaurant as collateral damage.
  • Verging on the comically terrifying, one of the xibits'note  response to Raknud attempting to stab Ishtar is vibrating like a glitchy animatronic, opening a mouth twenty times its size ans swallowing the poor guy whole. He apparently gave it a stomachache, since the xibit spat him out the following book, a bit insane but otherwise undamaged.
  • Rakkar gives a Rousing Speech to persuade people to join his expedition to the deadly Nuzua jungle, and while everyone is rightly freaked out by how insanely dangerous it sounds, Ishtar enthusiastically volunteers without a second thought. Except nobody in the room seems to hear her; Nakki is using all of his power to block everyone's mind so that her words go unnoticed. He finally gives up when she jumps on the table and yells that she is joining in.