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Headscratchers / Kadingir

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Headscratchers are those questions that remain after the work is finished, so plotpoints may be discussed and spoilers will be unmark. You Have Been Warned.

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    Nirgal's letter 
  • Who wrote the letter signed in Nirgal's name? Who left it on the throne for Usumgal to find? Galam assumed it was Golik, since he'd know Usumgal well enough to trick him into Saying Too Much and also possesses the stealth skills to pull it off... But Golik denied knowing anything about this matter! So who wrote it?

  • What IS he? He comes and goes like a ghost, dresses in the most abominable mix of fashions, knows way more that he lets on... And not only that, he has appeared at least once on Earth as well!
    Laima and Logan 
  • By the end of The Shapla Case it is confirmed that the mystery Queen Laima wanted solved was the escape of KÝssib and the revenge he was plotting against G˛lik. However, the book never addresses the reason why she hires Logan for the job, a Zink detective notorious for his fear of travel, since the action presumably would take place in Shapla. Surely there were other people available, including the Nuzu brothers (Sutums themselves, and therefore Laima's subjects). And no, you can't argue that Laima's intent was for Logan to keep an eye on G˛lik (who she knew at that time was in Zink), because Logan flew straight away to Shapla.