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  • Pretty much everything Pepper does can be put in this page.
  • The two-part premiere has some gems, such as:
    Reporter: Iron Man! Do you have a few words for the press?
    Iron Man: Yeah. I've got jet boots, and you don't. *flies away from copters at top speed*
    • "Rhodey, I won't lie to you... I'm not in the bathroom."
    • Tony's first day at school, He's doing what's basically E=MC Hammer and answers it seconds after the it's just beeen written on the whiteboard, calls the physics book outdated, and one cut later, he's lecturing the teacher. The fact that he's completely oblivious to everyone else treating him like a nerd just makes it even funnier.
  • From episode 3:
    "Rhodey, make Pepper stop mocking me."
    • Early on, Pepper is explaining to Rhodey that she wasn't popular in 8th grade due to a Noodle Incident. Luckily, no charges were filed.
    • After Gene is introduced to the class, he ends of sitting next to Happy Hogan, who proceeds to channel Captain James T. Kirk. It's exactly as funny as it sounds.
    Happy: "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!"
  • Episode 4, After Tony adds thermal gauntlets for his next fight against Blizzard and says that he'll "be dressed for cold weather". Rhodey: "Dude, that was terrible."
  • Tony meeting Hawkeye in "The Hawk And Spider."
    Tony: I just got jacked by... Robin Hood?!
  • The entirety of the episode "Don't Worry, Be Happy":
    • The episode itself runs on Rule of Funny, from the moment Happy dons the suit, to the end where he disarms 10 city-devastating snapping them in half.
    • At the beginning of the episode, there's Rhodey's hilariously disastrous first attempt at using the armor. If you listen close at one point, you can even hear him scream like a little girl as the armor flies out of control. In fact, all of Rhodey's scenes in that episode are very funny.
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  • "You have 47 new messages." "Scary thing is, it's probably all one long message."
  • In the episode "Extremis", Tony goes up against Mallen, whose biological structure is so different that the genius can't get a read on it. "Great. Can this get any worse? DON'T ANSWER THAT, COMPUTER!"
  • Tony insisting to Rhodey that he did NOT install roller skates in the armor, they're actually "Electro Static Energy Racers" that he's using to escape from the police. Sure they are, Tony.
    Pepper: That's just embarrassing! Maybe you should just let them catch you instead.
  • Tony's irritation when Pepper takes it upon herself to walk Gene out... And Rhodey's consequent response.
    Tony: Pepper never walks me out...
    Rhodey: You live here, idiot!
  • The entire fight between Tony, Rhodey, Pepper, Gene, Whitney and Happy (though the last one was more of an observer) in "Pepper, Interrupted" during class. From the moment Pepper threw that book at Tony's head, you just knew it was going to spin out of control from there.
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  • Pepper and the Panda costume in "Seeing Red."
    Tony: I'll suit up and see what I can do.
    Pepper: I'll suit up and let the air out of the opposing basketball team's tires! (Tony and Rhodey stare at her) What?
  • Pepper trying to wake a comatose Mandarin by climbing his armor, sitting on his shoulders and pounding his helmet with her fists.
  • In "Designed Only For Chaos", AIM's leader commands the Ghost to take out Iron Man. His response? He laughs.
    "You don't have that much money. Good luck with your giant head."
  • When Pepper gets her own armor in The Dragon Seed, Rhodey hopes that she doesn't take out New Jersey. Tony's reply? "Let's just hope it's the shore and nothing else."
  • In the last episode, Gene snarking at Tony when he shows up to fight the Overlord.
    Tony: We're here to uh...We're going to put a stop to you!
    Gene: Great. Might as well give up now.
  • Tony suggests using the same strategy he used to stop Stane to take down Justin Hammer. Pepper asks if he meant putting him in a coma.
  • The Living Laser takes over a SHIELD Kill Sat and declares that he is holding the whole world hostage. When the SHIELD agents ask what his demands are, he can't think of any.
  • In the first A.I.M. episode, Pepper is complaining about Whitney and Rhodey says she's jealous. She promptly attacks him and he runs off. The sound he makes when she hits him just makes the scene.
  • Tony cheerfully mocking Stane in the season 2 opener, treating him like a pet.
    I think I'll call you Pickles.
  • How does Gene prove that he really has Howard Stark and isn't lying to get Tony to help him? By pulling out a cellphone with a feed showing Howard himself.
  • Justin Hammer throwing a tantrum over the future being altered so he'll never become President in "Iron Man 2099". What sells it is how Sasha is clearly amused by her boss's meltdown at things not going his way.

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