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Funny / Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

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Back to the Funny Page of the main game story. This page is for the expansion pack.

  • Yusuf Amir. Dancing to "Arab Money." In his underwear.
    • Really, just about everything Yusuf says or does can be added to this list.
    • "Things went a bit crazy and er, I somehow lost my pants!".
  • Most of the conversations with Luis on many missions, side-missions, etc are a walking CMOF, especially on how Luis' sarcastic humor are mostly Played for Laughs instead of drama.
  • In "Bang Bang", Luis stops Tony from carrying out his suicidal plan to get back at Rocco pretty easily.
    Tony: "Try and stop me."
    Luis: (shrugs) "Okay." (punches Tony in the face)

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