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  • In the second episode, Johnny has to eat (and sweat out) a piece of durian fruit to be able to convincingly go undercover with a group of Malaysians. The second he cuts it open, everybody (including people on the other side of the room) visibly recoil, with Charlie saying it smelled like "wet shoes and cheese."
    • In response to a question on Twitter, Manny Montana said these were actual, unscripted reactions to the durian smell. Which just makes it even better.
  • Johny bet Paige that Briggs and Charlie would not hook up and have sex during an Undercover as Lovers operation. Briggs and Charlie are not amused when they find out so they turn the TV to a movie with a very loud sex scene and place the microphone next to the TV. Johny is listening in and has a fit when he realizes that he lost the bet. Briggs then suggest that they keep up the ruse for another hour or two so Johny thinks that Briggs has inhuman stamina in bed.
    • And then they tease Johnny the next day and tell him that they left the microphone on intentionally as an "invitation" for Johnny to join them, and joke that Johnny must be a little thick not to have gotten that. Complete with Briggs slapping Johnny's ass while talking about the potential threesome. Johnny spends a few minutes being very freaked out until he realizes that it's all a joke.

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