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  • More or less anything featuring Brianna, but one crowning moment is the Season 2 episode where Frankie goes to Brianna's office with Bud as her lawyer, to negotiate a contract for her yam lube. From Frankie's hilarious attempt at being businesslike (she introduces Bud to Brianna using his full name, and Brianna replies "Yes, I'm familiar with your son, who I grew up with"), through Brianna and Frankie's protracted efforts to get the other one to sit down first, as well as Brianna's generally bemused reaction to Frankie's bizarre sense of how to negotiate, it's all gold.
    Brianna: Yeah, good luck with that, you and your weird mother-son vaginal lube sales team.
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  • Bud, Coyote, Sol, and Brianna are panicking over keeping Sol's infidelity secret when Robert wakes up and demands them to come clean. Brianna then says "Coyote has chlamydia" as a diversion immediately. It's the delivery that kills it.
  • The scene in the Season 2 finale where Grace and Frankie get exasperated with the rest of their respective mega-family for treating them like they're old and useless. Specifically:
    • Everyone's reaction to Grace and Frankie's talk about how older women masturbate. In particular, Robert just looking like he wished the entire conversation would go a long way away.
    • Brianna's realisation that Grace doesn't want the stockpile of expensive jewellery that Robert accumulated to give to Grace whenever she was upset about something, and the way she picks up the box and places it on her lap and starts rooting through it while still trying to seem interested in what Grace and Frankie are talking about.
      Brianna: So, mom, just to circle back, what you're saying is that all this jewellery is basically free and clear?
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    • Grace and Frankie's oh-so-detailed descriptions of the conditions of their respective vaginas, made all the more hilarious by the casual way in which they talk over each other.
    • Grace coming up with the notion that she and Frankie will design and market a range of vibrators aimed at older women, and Frankie's Sure, Let's Go with That reaction.
  • Season 3 has many funny moments. In particular, Grace and Frankie calling her friend's "outing group" to be beta testers for their new vibrators...then finding out they're actually a prayer group.
  • Bud's new bundle of anxieties girlfriend. Everyone takes a drink when she talks about her crazy.
  • The entirety of Grace and Frankie's "back" episode.
  • Mallory attempts to be Coyotes bird-dog (wing man) and fails terribly.
  • The whole episode where Robert's mother dies. The woman was a terrible person, so pretty much everybody is lost trying to find anything nice about her, exemplificated by Brianna and Mallory saying 'She was...' and coming up only with '...related to us.'.
    • Sol is talking about (Robert's mom's) upcoming funeral with someone on the phone and they immediately ask who murdered her. Mr. Rogers she was not.
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  • When Grace and Frankie's tub falls through the ceiling, Frankie's reaction is to think that there's a portal in their house.
    Is it a portal? Oh take my hand Grace, we jump in together!

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