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  • Paige's Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 4. Jakes and Johnny have been made, and Ashika is planning to kill them. Paige rams a pickup truck through the side of the barn and takes out a guy holding a machine gun. Johnny gets one as well, thanks to a well-timed swing of a bucket.
  • Lauren stands in front of an oncoming truck that's supposed to be carrying a drug shipment, doing nothing more than standing in the road with her badge in the air and refusing to move, and makes the truck stop. Unfortunately it's somewhat Negated by the fact that the truck isn't actually loaded with a drug shipment and it puts Lauren's cover in danger.
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  • Brutal psychopath that he is, you really gotta hand it to Bello; while being strung up and tortured by Jangles, the Cartel's scariest hitman, he actually laughs in his face, noting that he's much better at the whole, Cold-Blooded Torture thing than Jangles is.
  • Mike wins a Quick Draw with Jangles in the first season finale. When the opponent already has his gun in hand, and Mike's is still holstered. If you needed any more proof that Mike is this show's Gunslinger, look no further.

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