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Graceland and Revolution take place in the same universe.
When the worldwide blackout happens, it did leave the cast unemployed. However, when they hear about factions like the Monroe Republic starting up, they decide to go undercover to each faction. For instance, Mike "Levi" Warren would infiltrate the Monroe Republic as a soldier, and eventually get into a position where he could sabotage the whole group without ever being suspected.

Paul is not, in fact, stealing heroin.
His mysterious behavior is due to hiding his addiction to the stuff. However, this makes him a convenient fall guy for the person or persons who are actually corrupt.
  • Mike's "shrink" may be one of them. Given his temperament at the beginning of the show — ambitious, loyal and inexperienced — Mike is the perfect tool for bringing Briggs down. This will likely change over the course of the season.
    • Well, Briggs being an addict has been confirmed, having been caused when a dealer forcibly administered a big enough dose of the stuff to get him hooked, but maybe the truth is that the higher-ups that put Mike on his trail THINK he's dealing, while Briggs is just trying to keep the incident from ruining his career. And now that Mike knows, he's gonna "turn to the Dark Side" and help Briggs recover rather than turn him in.
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    • That said, it turns out that Oden Rossi, the mysterious druglord Briggs and Charlie have been chasing, is none other than Briggs himself. Which explains the missing drugs - Briggs is stealing heroin to use as stock for his drug business.

Briggs is planning to bring down the Caza Cartel.
The cartel got him addicted to heroin, which made it personal for Briggs. As a result, all of the missing drugs he stole are part of an elaborate off the books plan to bring down the cartel. Further to this, Briggs is attempting to bring down the cartel on 2 fronts: first by undercover investigations and drug busts, and secondly by driving them out of business, using his Oden Rossi cover.
  • Maybe not by driving them out of business, but I also believe that "Odin Rossi" is just a cover.

Briggs is not really Oden Rossi
.He just saw that he didn't turn up and, unwilling to let Bello off the hook/use the bad stuff in his drugs, jumped to take the Identity. The stolen Heroin was stolen and hidden exactly for such a case.
  • Pretty much Jossed by episode 8.

Jangles is the Federale who met with Charlie
.Notice how, when Mike was stabbed, Jangles was wearing the same clothes as the Federale.
  • Not to mention that later on when the Federale met with Charlie at the diner, we see that he's bleeding from the shoulder.
    • I'd have thought the shoulder wound was supposed to be confirming this.

Jangles is Briggs' old training officer.
  • We know that he was in close with the cartel, so much so that he was having dinner with the family. In Briggs' flashback, he and Jangles look similar. We're told he died in the fire, but we never see the body and it's completely possible that it was burned beyond recognition.
  • Josses. Turns out Jangles is a Mexican Federale who's on the cartel's payroll.

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