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  • Many highlights can be found here:
  • Episode 41, 2009. Dragon Age: Origins review:
    Bajo: Hex, I wish I had this much time to answer people's questions in real life.
    (cut to office scene. Glasses-Hex approaches Bajo)
    Hex: Hey man, do you want a coffee?
    (several options appear. 1. 'Yes please, I would like a huge coffee, as huge as the sun.' 2. 'Coffee is for losers, enough talk! Prepare to fight!' 3. 'I didn't know you wore glasses...' 4. 'Is that rain?'. Choice hovers over no.3, then goes to 2. Bajo then pulls out a giant axe. Cue screaming Hex.)
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  • Episode 41, 2009. Assassins Creed 2 review:'''
    Hex: There was a mission where I had to go up and 'collect ribbons from ladies', but instead of picking their pockets I'd press the wrong button and knife a few chicks in the face. (shows clip) Oops.
  • Episode 6, 2009. "Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop review:'''
Junglist: They also took out that stupid photo-taking system.
(Zombie Bajo groans)
Junglist: "Now I know you liked the photo taking but your opinion doesn't count because you're undead." See Zombie Infectee for more information.
  • Virtually anytime the show uses green screen. A notable favorite would be from the Batman: Arkham Asylum review when Bajo was commenting on how impossibly stealthy Bats was.
    (Junglist types away at the computer as Bajo stealthily lowers himself from upside down behind him)
    Junglist: I know you're there, Bajo.
    (Bajo retracts upwards...then back down quickly)
    Bajo: I'm Batman.
    * Some people managed to warm up to Hex after she expressed her love for her DS by...literally falling in love with it.
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  • What about the Gears of War 2 review? Microsoft wouldn't let them show any in-game footage, so they re-enact it with dolls and action figures. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The bloopers in the final episode for 2010. Sweet Jesus.
  • The DayZ review in which Hex relates her heartbreaking story of being separated from the rest of her team for most of the game, and the emotive reunion when she finally found them. Just to get shot in the head three minutes later.
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter review:
    Bajo: Ok Hex before we get started, let me just pull out the old FPS campaign guide to single player mediocrity in a modern setting manual.
    Hex: I think this definitely satisfies the criteria for a powerfully average game. It doesn't do anything that you'll remember an hour later, and it's also rather short.
    Bajo: I also did find all the models a little creepy, in game and in cut scene, it's like they're heads are all a little larger than they should be. Especially the young girl. It's what nightmares are made from. (Clips with slasher music from Psycho).
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  • Any of guest host Dave Callan's dance routines. Also count as Moment of Awesome.
  • The review of the existential french game Bientot Lete starts normal until 4 minutes in with the discovery of what it might mean.
  • ABC3 Beach Summer Smackdown with the Boy Band (from 2:53 to 4:11).
  • In their Mortal Kombat 9 review, Hex and Bajo use Bajo's action figure collection to illustrate just how brutal a particular Fatality is, spraying catchup all over one of them... just to realize they were allowed to show it anyway, and do.
  • Bajo's story about growing up in Toowomba. It's a combination of the subject matter and the happy tone. It can be seen in "Good Game Glitches 2010" in the Monday 6 December 2010 episode.
    Bajo (Happily): I grew up in Toowomba. I had a cow and goats...
    Hex: You did.
    Bajo: I did and they were lovely. We had peacocks as well. They were so pretty.
    Hex (Trying to get back on topic): Okay.
  • "If I want to walk around slowly in a game and look at things around me with some dreamy words underneath, I can do it myself in [[Battlefield."
  • According to D.A.R.R.E.N, Kerry O'Brien has ascended, and is currently conquering another galaxy. Pretty much everyone takes this in stride.
  • Darren criticized the font in Has-Been Heroes, and then, even though no-one disagreed with him, launched into a huge, self-conscious rant justifying himself.
    "Font is important!"
  • Bajo's parody of Dear Esther in Battlefield.
  • In the final episode of 2017, when D.A.R.R.E.N tries to get out of drinking from the noob cup again, Bajo is having none of it and chases him down.
  • In the Apongalypse mini-series finale, the way they revealed that Pongos tricked the team into playing a game of Pong.

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