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Season One

  • In "Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate", when Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad interview potential outside lawyers to represent them in a an upcoming legal process, one of the lawyers they talk to, who is white, tries to sell himself to them... by quoting gangster rap lyrics.
  • In "Not So Grand Jury", Marissa is learning Italian from an audio guide. When a process server tries to serve her papers, she pretends to be someone else and says something in Italian to mislead him. Unfortunately, the server turns out to speak fluent Italian, knows that she said a complete Non Sequitur and tells her she's been served in Italian.

Season Two

  • Diane's beautiful You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction to Howard Lyman now a judge.
  • Jay, Marissa, Lucca, and Maia play around with a voice-imitating program developed by the FBI... to make a fake conversation of Maia's father having phone sex with Donald Trump. They all dissolve into uncontrollable laughter in short order... and then Mike Pence gets involved.
    Lucca: (overjoyed) Oh, I love fake Mike Pence!
  • To prevent Jay from being released from state custody into the hands of ICE and in turn deported, the sympathetic judge drops the hint that he should be held in contempt, which Jay picks up slowly.
    Judge: Mr. DiPersia, you will conduct yourself appropriately in my courtroom; If you do not conduct yourself with appropriate decorum, I will be forced to hold you in contempt...
    Jay: can't tell me what to do...Judge.
    Judge: What did you say?
    Jay: I-I said, I don't recognize the authority of this tell me shit.
    Judge: I'm giving you one last warning.
  • During a ricin scare, Maia and Marissa end up stuck alone in the office, terrified they're about to die. Finally, the emergency respondents arrive, and the head of the team, Drew, begins to make friendly conversation as he helps them.
    Drew: Hi, there. How are you two doing?
    Marissa: Really great. Just another day at Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart.
    • Later, Marissa asks him out for drinks. When Drew finally shows up, both women are totally sloshed — and Marissa realizes Drew likes Maia. Maia quickly clears matters up.
    Maia: (completely unprompted) I'm gay!
    Drew: I don't know what I'm supposed to say. Um... congratulations?
  • Lucca goes into labor and it seems the only thing that calms her down is cursing. Thus, the mother of her boyfriend, Francesca, Maia and Marissa start dropping F-bombs constantly as the hallway of nurses stare.
    • When a black woman shows up, Francesca assumes she's Lucca's mom and hugs her, asking "are you from Tanzania or Nigeria?" It turns out she's just a doctor as Lucca's mom is a white woman.
    • And despite that, Francesca is asking what Lucca's mom thinks of various black-themed movies.

Season Three

  • Marissa's astounding speech to Maia on their "power as short people."
    Marissa: We were born in the volcano of Vulcan as a powerful army to control the Earth but Vulcan blessed and cursed us with one unfortunate attribute. To be overlooked.
    • She then drags Maia into the bathroom to yell "These aren't the briefs you're looking for!" And when a lady comes out of a stall, she snaps "don't wash your hands, tall lady, get the fuck out!"
  • Maia in green google like glasses.
  • Lucca singing "Baby Shark" to Maia over the phone, as part of an extended rant about new motherhood, then reacting to Maia's attempt to exit the conversation with "No, wait, there are twelve verses!"

Season Five

  • The increasing insanity of Judge Wackner's court, up to and including costumes.
  • A conservative pundit accuses Liz and Diane of being secret lesbian lovers. Their response is to break down in hysterical cackling.