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The manga:

  • The Major's constant immature behavior (pulling faces at Aramaki, asking for vacations, labeling herself "the beautiful one" on a map, constant chibi expressions) is hilarious, especially if you were familiar with the movie version.
  • In an early arc, she hacks an important official's brain to make him give himself a Megaton Punch.
  • A criminal offers a Briefcase Full of Money as a bribe to Aramaki. The next panel is Aramaki slapping the Major's reaching hand like a misbehaving child.
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  • Aramaki tells the Major the budget for the special force they were hoping for was cleared. As she starts celebrating, Batou drops in (unaware of the news) and says he put a firecracker in the exhaust of the chief's car.
    Major: You what?
And then it turns out Aramaki rode a tiny scooter to get there.
  • When investigating Megatech, the Major sees a robot being built. Judging from her bug-eyed expression, it's apparently anatomically correct, even improbably so.

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