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Nightmare Fuel / Ghost in the Shell

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  • If you're a muggle, then life will suck hard for you. To elaborate, when Motoko is questioned after saving the lives of boys who were pretty much treated like that of Holocaust prisoners during a mission to get Section 9 approved as an organization, her response is that the products the workers were making are worth more than the lives of the workers. Think of that for a moment...
  • The possibility of getting your brain hacked, or losing your existence by getting your "Ghost" cloned by someone else.
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  • The setting in general, really. Humans Are Bastards is in full effect in the world, as humans are pretty much emotionally cold, withdrawn, apathetic, lacking in compassion, and even mechanical, and when the Tachikomas being more human-like emotionally and even morally, it could even verge on Humans Are the Real Monsters.

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