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Well, it is a show about politics and they don't even (presumably) have the luxury of having sex. There's got to be a healthy outlet for these things.

  • Romana's utterly deadpan delivery of her "kidnapping" by Arkadian.
    "No, no, don't come near me, Narvin, this ruthless criminal will disintegrate my head."
  • Narvin's confidence in her plan is equally amusing.
    Narvin: Well, Cardinal, I must call the High Council. It seems there'll be a Presidential election soon.
    Braxiatel: I wouldn't be too hasty, Narvin.
    Narvin: Of course not. We'll observe a proper period of mourning first. Do you think I have no respect?
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  • Romana: We are all of us willing to die to defend our beliefs.
    Arkadian: We are?
  • When Romana is pretending to be handed over to Free Time:
    Nepenthe: What am I supposed to do with her?
    Romana: *exasperated* Use your imagination, woman! I'm your sworn enemy!
    Captured Monan Agent: *off to the side* Boil her in oil!
    Romana: There, see?
  • A bit of Romana's dark humor in calling Free Time's bluff on their timeonic fusion device:
    "I'm not worried. If I'm wrong, my conscience won't know the first thing about it."
  • Leela: "Finally, the evil twisted creature is gone."
    Narvin: "And Darkel is dead."
    Leela: [Beat] "That is what I meant."
  • "Madam, my business is dirty enough. Damned if I'll stoop to politics."
    • The fact that Romana agrees with him.
  • Romana: K9 is a vicious robot criminal from the fifth galaxy! (In cute voice) Aren't you K9?
  • Leela: "I do not know what I find more surprising, Romana. That you once had a previous body or that Narvin is considered one of the most intelligent minds on Gallifrey."
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  • "Would anyone else like to join this conga line over Rassilon's grave?"
  • Romana(after being chased by a Servitor droid): Oh don't check in here, it is completely irrational for somebody to hide in a cupboard without any way out.
  • Braxiatel (after uncovering a conspiracy against Narvin and being thanked): Oh don't mention it. Really. I couldn't bear the shame.
  • Romana: Torvald could've shot me!
    Narvin: Well, he would've been exposed...
  • Romana takes Leela to a Presidential resort. Leela is sad that the windows don't open, because she loves the view but wishes there was fresh air as well. Romana solves the problem by cheerfully throwing a chair through the window. Doubles as a CMOH.
  • Leela: (after Cissy Pollard suggests that they might have passed out) I am a warrior of the Sevateem! We do not black out.
    Torvald: (later in a similar situation) I am a Commander in the CIA. I do not black out.
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  • Arkadian: My first wife drove me to drink. I shall be forever in her debt.
  • How about when Arkadian left Romana with the dinner bill?
  • The opening scene of Reborn. It starts of sounding like the whole of the last season's cliffhanger has been resolved but then Leela (whose sight has been restored) and Narvin announce their engagement. Then for added astonishment, Braxiatel proposes to Romana. Who rejects him. It's then revealed that the whole thing is Brax's daydream. Braxiatel gets rejected in his own daydreams.
  • Romana: I would like to get back to my presidential quarters before the HEAT DEATH OF THIS UNIVERSE.

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