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Story Mode

  • Nero's ego is as big as ever, as Charlie quickly finds out after expressing awe at how awesome he finds Rome during their first meeting.
    Nero: You think you can barge in here and lavish praise upon Rome? You can, and I shall praise you in return!
    • Becomes a Brick Joke near the end of one route when Charlie intentionally stokes Nero's ego by praising Rome to get her to agree with one of his plans.
    Charlie: That was easy.
    Hakuno: I know, right?
  • Every time Charlie calls Tamamo "Big Sis", and her reaction each time.
  • Artoria's one cameo in story mode is being stubbornly mistaken for Jeanne d'Arc by Gilles. This is followed by Nero showing up and saying that they all should team up because they look almost identical, which is then followed by Artoria snapping that they're all terrible people for judging someone by appearance alone and attacking indiscriminately. Or to put it another way, the OG Saber is finally sick of the stereotyping that follows the "Saberface" phenomenon.
  • Elizabeth, after being freed from her partial Oraclization, makes a pretty good impression of Gilles, who previously criticized her relentlessly and continues to do so afterward. She may be a Dreadful Musician, but boy can she act.
    • Also, Archimedes' interactions with Elizabeth. He makes it clear that her presence is a constant annoyance and even demands that she die. And he's being so polite too.
  • In the second route ending, Jeanne and Astolfo are reunited, and she isn't particularly happy about it. As the victory celebration is in full swing, Astolfo and Charlie reminisce on some of the light hearted moments they had with their old comrades, with Jeanne constantly pointing out the weirdness in each of them.
  • Gilgamesh ends up being a One-Scene Wonder, somehow managing to beg for help in a way that doesn't compromise his colossal ego. Nero and Tamamo both take a long-overdue chance to sass him freely. And this is after Tamamo managed to identify the first Gilgamesh as a facsimile because it had been standing there for a whole half a minute without speaking.

Extra stages

  • During the very first extra stage:
    • Nero responds to Archer trying to use UBW the way everyone's been wondering about: averting Talking Is a Free Action.
    • The stage as a whole is a riot, focused on preventing Nero and Elizabeth from putting on a concert. Charlemagne wonders what the harm could be until Cu Chulainn described their music as more of a Fantastic Nuke.
    • Even Hakuno gets in on the action. When Nero brags about people never leaving the theater until her performances finished, Hakuno snarkily reminds her, "That's because you locked them all in."
  • "The Dream Team" pits the player against all of Nero, Tamamo, and Altera at the same time. While this sounds more like an Awesome moment, that's subverted with the reveal that the three of them have horrible teamwork and the fight itself is fairly easily won.


Servant Conversations

  • Iskandar mentioning he's reading a book that Medusa particularly likes and explains how he... "borrowed" it.
    Iskandar: Pillaging? No, it was lawful seizure.
  • Gilgamesh being asked if his armor gets in the way.
    Gilgamesh: You ask if my armor hinders me? Fool, my armor is a masterwork! ...But yes, it does. That's why I'm here as an Archer.
  • Karl asking Hakuno for help by hiding him from Iskandar because the latter's invitation to drink, and the emperor doesn't fare well with lively drunkards.
  • Cu Chulainn suggests to Hakuno that they should go fishing, but then just realized that they're in the sky.
  • Archimedes' "Eureka" moment.
    • Also, Archimedes referring side missions as homework assignments for the Master.
  • Gilgamesh criticizing Nameless' current appearance, asking the latter if he's going through an midlife crisis.

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