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  • In the pilot, Thursday and Morse are interrogating a suspect who's bought off most of the force and won't cooperate. Thursday tells Morse that he forgot his tobacco in the car, and tells him to go get it for him. By the time Morse returns, the suspect has had a sudden change of heart. And a sudden nosebleed.
  • In the pilot, Morse shows the crossword puzzles to his superiors and claims that the girl they're looking for is somewhere near Bagley Wood. Everyone but Thursday scoffs. Enter another constable, who tells them that they just found a body in Bagley Wood.
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  • In "Trove," Thursday meets some small potatoes baddies who've just given Morse a brutal asskicking.
    Thursday: You and your pal had a rare old time at the expense of one of mine. Suppose you could tell me what that was all about.
    Mallory: Suppose we don't.
  • The conversation between Tommy Cork and Bright in "Neverland":
    Bright: Hasn't anyone ever told you? The policeman is your friend.
    Tommy: That's not what my dad says.
    Bright: Oh?
    Tommy: No. He says you're bastards.

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