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  • Future whispers to Cheddar Bob "Yo man, fuck The Free World" in Papa Doc's presence, which leads Cheddar Bob to yell "YEAH! FUCK THE FREE WORLD!" The look on Future's face is absolutely hilarious.
  • In possibly the funniest part of the movie: Cheddar Bob managing to whip out a gun, scare the shit out of everyone there, 313 members or not, and put it back in his pants...right in time to shoot himself in the leg. His reaction makes it look like he shot his balls.
    • Cheddar Bob admitting that the gun actually belonged to his mother.
  • "Papa Doc? You mean Clarence?"
  • The paintball scene is full of these.
    • To clarify, Rabbit and his friends are cruising around at night and smoking a joint when Sol suddenly pulls out a paintball gun. He fires the first shot by hitting a deer head near the eye with a pink paintball, right before exclaiming, "Pinkeye, bitch!"
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    • Next, Future takes it and shoots it at a wall near two people talking, scaring the shit out of them.
    • Then Rabbit takes the gun while Future has the wheel. They see a bus and shout at him to hit it, but he chooses not to. Then they see a cop car close by, and Rabbit aims at it while the others try to tell him not to. Then he hits the cop car not once, but twice. As Rabbit gets back into the car, his friends all laugh their asses off and ask Rabbit what's wrong with him.
    • What's even funnier is that right after shooting the cop car, it starts chasing after them. And then the car dies at the most inopportune time. The car turns a corner and stops, while the fivesome sit there scared out of their minds, waiting for the cop to arrest them. Then the cop keeps going, right past the corner where they were. After sharing a moment of silence in disbelief, the group all start laughing hysterically. They then each look at each other saying that they were scared.
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  • The origin of Rabbit's nickname, as explained by Jimmy's mother to Alex and Wink, when the two are at Rabbit's place.
  • A non-movie example: someone decided to take the most out-of-place line in "Lose Yourself" and make the most hilarious example of sentence-mixing ever.


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