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Funny / Codename: Sailor V

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  • Artemis' "Congratulations for the 5,000th First Love" sign.
    • Crossed with a minor CMOA. I mean, he kept count of Minako falling in love something like 13 times a day...
  • Her fights with the villains of the Pet Diary arc:
    • When faced with Nyan Nyan (a demon cat) and an horde of demon cats, she knocked them out all by summoning an horribly stinking cloud (actually the atmosphere of her 'Holy World' Venus. Artemis mistook it for a fart). Then she dispatched the enemy... And a witness mistook her for a fake.
    • When faced with Wan Wan (a demon dog), she proved her hamminess with an In the Name of Venus so long that Wan Wan complained about its length. Also, Artemis complained she partly recycled the one used with Nyan Nyan and that the Seppuku she sentenced Wan Wan to is a form of suicide, not cutting him in two.
      • Also, Wan Wan's puppy form was constantly mistaken for a female dog (named Luna)... And Artemis had a crush on him.
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    • Chuu Chuu is revealed to be a mosquito demon. Sailor V's reaction? She disintegrated her and her minions with Crescent Beam-powered mosquito-repelling incense burner.
  • Because of Debrine's plot, Minako had put up fat, and Artemis talked her into working out to get slim again. At the end of the battle, Sailor V bowed to give (late) Valentine chocolate to a knocke out Wakagi... And had a priceless annoyed face when the outfit ripped and she realized Artemis tricked her into getting the weight back in muscles.

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