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Trivia / Codename: Sailor V

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  • Late Export for You: The manga began in 1991, but due to having no official translations, it was only really known in the English-speaking Sailor Moon fandom by the most dedicated fans for many years. In 2011, it finally got an official translation along with a new translation of the Sailor Moon manga (based on the newer edition).
  • What Could Have Been: There was actually supposed to be a Sailor V OVA. It never materialized, due to the fact that the magazine Codename Sailor V was serialized in was cancelled.
    • An early draft of Sailor V (that appeared in an early advertisement for the manga) had her with an odango and pigtails hairstyle, along with a crown on her head. This hairstyle was later recycled for Usagi.
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    • The project proposal for the Sailor V OVA showed that Minako would lead a team of three other girls to find a mysterious princess by the name of "Artemis". Her friend Hikaru would be in a role equivalent to that of Ami Mizuno, while two other girls named Mamoru and Miyabi were early prototypes of Makoto Kino and Rei Hino. The basic idea of four girls searching for a princess would evolve into Sailor Moon.

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