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  • During a performance of "Out in the Street" on his Live in Hyde Park DVD, Springsteen climbs down to interact with the audience, very enthusiastically, then climbs back up the stairs to the stage, only to arrive back too late and miss his cue. At the end, he acts completely worn out and protests "Are you fucking nuts!? Somebody get me a fucking elevator. Get me an elevator! I'm fuckin' sixty!"
    • On the same DVD, during the rendition of "Lonesome Day", a drumstick flies out of Max Weinberg's hand into the air, then comes back down and bounces off his head. It has to be seen to be believed. He picks up another stick and keeps going quite impressively.
  • In January 2014, Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon performed a parody of "Born to Run" on Late Night with the lyrics altered to describe the Fort Lee traffic jam scandal.
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  • Springsteen on Broadway has many amusing moments, notably Springsteen’s admission that he’d written many songs about car racers when he couldn’t even drive, but in particular his comment that nobody came to see him perform in New Jersey, no matter how hard he worked, because there was no Jersey Shore or any other glamour attached to New Jersey back then, because:
    Springsteen: I invented that.
  • For anyone who didn't know who Philip "The Chicken Man" Testa was, the line "They blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night, now they blew up his house too" from "Atlantic City" can come off as hilariously out of left-field.


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