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     Mystery Six 

Episode 1

  • Heechul was playing reporter for the cameras and went to all rooms to have an interview. When he arrived to Kangin's room, they layed down in bed.
    Heechul: Which part you like the most from me?
    Kangin: Your tits. (Heechul gets up upset) You're very skinny, your nipples are well developed.
     Full House 

Episode 1:

  • First impressions and HOW! Anya, the exchange russian girl, exploded at Heechul when he called her "puddle" because of her hair.
    Anya: You called me A DOG?!
     Explorers of the Human Body 

Episode 8:

  • After Kibum succesfully cries on cue, they decide to see if a sad song can effect, so they try it on Yesung. Yesung tries to build up to this by calling for his mom, promising to be a good son... only for nothing to happen at all.
Shin Dong Yup: Tell me the truth... Were you really thinking of your mother?
Yesung: (Beat) When the song got into the "Black bean noodles" I suddenly remembered I was hungry...
[Dong Yup then sends him back to his seat with a Dope Slap]
  • Then they decide to use the help of an actress, so they can produce tears via drama. The results are:
    • Donghae's situation being his girlfriend gradually losing her memories of him. Suddenly he ends up going out of script by replying "Why did you eat the eraser?!"
    • The others start sabotaging Eunhyuk's turn with Kangin, out of nowhere, knocking him off with a monocycle and the others hijacking the scene.

Episode 9:

  • Everyone joking how Leeteuk is so old that he could be the lost member of H.O.T. (from the 90s)
  • The dodgeball competition.
    Kangin: (to Siwon) If you have another chance to throw and you don't, then you're dead.
    Kangin: (to Yesung, after dancing with Junsu) If you do that once more, you're dead.

Episode 10:

  • Yesung's ego started to rise since his 89 cms. vertical jump, so everytime the others jumped with a lower score, Yesung went jumping everywhere. That until Sungmin discovered the belt was supposed to go under the shirt. They tested it with Yesung again and everyone started to laugh at him.
    • When it was Yoochun's turn and they had the same record, Yesung started to hug him and call him "brother".
  • In the balance episode, the members each had to strap themselves to a machine that spun them around before walking along a platform to do a heart pose (It Makes Sense in Context). The results were funny in themselves, particularly in the cases of Donghae (who got encouragement from a very pretty ballerina but still couldn't finish it properly) and Hankyung (who had formal ballet training and was therefore flawless), but Leeteuk takes the cake. He declared that he would carry out the challenge in the style of Sailor Moon's transformation, requesting that the crew add effects and background music in post-production. And they did.
     Intimate Note 

Intimate Note Ep. 25 and 26

  • Episode 25 showcases Kangin and Sungmin being awkward to each other. Once they're on set, one of the group dynamics include holding hands, say one thing they like from the other and kiss each other's hands. Said dynamic is demonstrated by Hankyung and Heechul, who did everything with straight faces, unlike Kangin and Sungmin.
    • The other activity was "Drinking a Coca Cola from the same bottle with straws". The result? Kangin kept doing Spit Takes to Sungmin's face because of the laughter.
  • Episode 26 reveals the other targets were Heechul and Eunhyuk. Hilarity Ensues in massive ammounts:
    • All the others take oportunity to scream from a balcony things they didn't like about the duo. Each individual reaction is worth mentioning:
      • Ryeowook complaints how Eunhyuk rarely invites him to eatnote . Followed immediately by an "I love you". Kangin also makes him call Eunhyuk "bastard".
      • Sungmin reminds Heechul about their Concert Kiss and how they Never Live It Down, to which Heechul replies how awkward it is to bring it up.
      Sungmin: Heechul hyung. About that time when we kissed.
      Heechul: You're bringing this up again?!
      Sungmin: I did it, right? Then why do you still hate me?
      Sungmin: In the end he said I did it better!!
      Heechul: That already sounds weird!!
      • When it's Kangin's turn, both immediately yell "Pass him, pass him!!". Kangin then proceeds to yell them "bastards", complaining how Heechul is always favoring Hongki.
      • Hankyung, after reassuring he has fluid korean at that point, proceeds to complaint about the one time when he cooked ramen for Heechul, who then took it to his room, leaving Hankyung alone. Then he says to Eunhyuk how a Nice Guy he is. Followed immediately by an "I love you" for Heechul.
      • Leeteuk calls Eunhyuk a disloyal guy who could betray him any time (all this is joke, of course). Then complains about Heechul not deciding which female idol he likes more and to just decide for one. Followed immediately by an apology and "I love you".
      • Then Kyuhyun's turn. He starts by stating he is not going to use korean honorifics. He then complaints that Heechul favors more Hongki than him, being the maknae, and how Heechul never reacts to his jokes, to which Heechul starts yelling at him that "he is a brat and Hongki wouldn't drag him to a Reality TV show". And then praises Eunhyuk for being a Smug Snake (the same thing Leeteuk yelled at him minutes ago).
      • Then everyone start cheering "We love you Milk-Skin Kim Heechul".
  • Previously, Heechul and Eunhyuk are tasked to write down a dynamic for Kangin and Sungmin, not knowing the sentence is going to be applied on themselves. Said dynamic was "laying down together in the tent, confess something they're sorry for, accept the apology and hug". After the initial awkwardness...
    • Eunhyuk apologizes for not returning Heechul's t-shirt, which Donghae ended up borrowing. Heechul then asks him to give it back.
    • Heechul apologized for leaving the room after a tantrum he threw on Eunhyuk's birthday because Eunhyuk ate his egg, which made Eunhyuk cry and wanting to cancel his party.
    • Eunhyuk apologized for complaining about Heechul's red pants (because they didn't match with the rest of the group's outfits) for a live performance and asking the Manager to make him change clothes.
      • Heechul then replied he didn't changed clothes in the end. And Manager's answer?
    • Then both realized they didn't have each other's phone numbers, proceeding to exchange contact info right now.
  • Running Gags:
  • Then it came the "VS Dynamic", where each pair would pass a microphone and counter with things they never told to each other before.
    • Eunhyuk vs. Heechul: Eunhyuk complaints are about Heechul spending more time on his blog instead of practicing his singing and his weird microphone hold. Heechul countered with Eunhyuk always looking like the inocent one in arguments (the others then conclude Heechul is in Never My Fault mode) and then he proceeds to expose his (and the others' on the way on) shoe lifts.
      • When the others are tasked to vote for the loser (meaning they had to stand behind the meanest), Eunhyuk was chosen. Why? Because previously, Heechul warned them how living with him was just begining. The only ones who still chose him were Hankyung and Sungmin.
      Kangin: Hankyung asked where to stand, and I said wherever you want. And then asked "Do we stand behind our friend?"
      Hankyung: We had to stand behind the "bad guy", right? (gets a Yes) Then I stood right.
    • Kanging vs. Sungmin: Sungmin complained about Kangin having favoritisms among the younger members, him not taking practices seriously and getting fat.Kangin's points were about Sungmin being a Deliberately Cute Child, suspecting Sungmin for being the one who leaked the MV and to ask directly if he wants something instead of sending indirects.
      • Kangin lost the match by admitting defeat and asked Sungmin for his gym's address.
  • The entire Miss Intimate Note:
    • Heechul and Eunhyuk get dressed in QiPaos. Eunhyuk goes by "Miss Shanghai", while Heechul becomes Heesica, who said to everyone "Babo/Dummie". Everyone's jaws dropped to the floor. This also gets lampshaded:
    Heechul: Babo~♥
    • Sungmin's alterego is "12-year-old Bubblegum chewing SungSon", and Kangin is put in a russian cheerleader outfit, looking the more butch of the group, to which Kyuhyun replied that it was the only outfit that could fit him, which causes Kangin to chase Kyuhyun.
    • Their covers of Gee, highlighted by Heechul's perfect Jessica impersonation.
      • Followed by a very over-the-top Sorry Sorry dance in their outfits (also aided by Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Hankyung for the choreography. Ryeowook tried to do all this straight, Hankyung left at the second half of the song and Kyuhyun was visibly Corpsing), with Heechul Chewing the Scenery.
  • Last activity of the day was writing anonymus friendship-messages for the four members. While it's blatantly obvious who wrote each message (for instance Hankyung's inintelligible korean handwriting), it was even more blunt with Kyuhyun, since not only all the notes started with "I'm not using honorifics", but also was an almost copy-paste for each one: "The anonymity is the charm of this, I like your smugness. You ate dinner with [Insert Name here], and I got jealous because you're mine. Let's play StarCraft". Everyone just Dope Slapped him while he kept claiming he didn't write it. Also this quote:
    Sungmin: (Reading the note for Kangin) "Also you ate with Sungmin-ah, right? You two looked very close, and that upsets me because you're only mine" (Beat) You Bastard!! What's this?!
    Kyuhyun: Yours is the real one!
     Super Junior's Kiss the Radio 
  • The DJs (Leeteuk and Eunhyuk in the past, then Ryeowook and Sungmin before Sungmin's departure from the program) are often caught on camera doing all sorts of stupid things on board, such as dancing to the songs they play and falling over themselves when they laugh.
    • Ryeowook just realizing for the first time that "shit" is a bad word... after singing soulfully to "Moves Like Jagger" in one of their concerts. It is beyond adorable.
    • Sungmin lip-syncing to SNSD's "The Boys". Ryeowook is not pleased.
     Super Shows 

Super Show 1

Super Show 2

Super Show 3

Super Show 4

Super Show 5

  • The Super Hero Mash-Up
    • Counts also as Hilarious in Hindsight if we consider this is the closer we're gonna get to have The Avengers team-up with Spider-Man and Wolverine. Add to the mix also The Drunken Master, Woody and Goku.
    • When they returned to Korea from the Latinamerican tour, they all did so in their costumes.
    • When the band returned to Korea, Yesung (who couldn't travel with the group due to his upcoming military service) welcomed them in the airport as Ultimate!Nick Fury.
  • The Crossdressing Solos, with Sungmin as Hyuna, Kangin as GaIn, Ryeowook as Bada and Siwon as Son Dambi.

Super Show 6

Super Show 7

  • Kyuhyun and Ryeowook send an audio message to the fans is heartwarming, but with two of the managers lip-syncing and acting as if they were like Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, it becomes something funny.
  • The dancers' VCR has the main dancer scolding Eunhyuk because of the latter forgetting the choreography and because he always comes late for practices. It ends with the dancer telling Eunhyuk that he can do better.
  • Super Show 7 in Seoul
    • Leeteuk read a heartwarming letter addressing the ELFs and the thirteen members of Super Junior, crying as he delivers his message. On the next show, Leeteuk complains about him and Eunhyuk having the same hair color. Eunhyuk's response?
    Eunhyuk: Tomorrow, I'm going to read out a letter.
    Leeteuk: Really?
    Eunhyuk: While crying. *proceeds to imitate Leeteuk crying*
    • Heechul shares his side of the story.
    Heechul: Leeteuk reading the letter today was okay, but yesterday, I was changing my clothes in the back when I heard "Heechul-ah! I'll carry you forward!" I was like, "What the... why is he suddenly like this?"
  • Super Show 7 in Singapore
    • The fans are cheering on Siwon because of his absence in the promotions for PLAY.
    Siwon: No, I'm not crying!
    • Eunhyuk and Siwon imitating Yesung's singing, with Heechul shouting "Yesex!".
    • Leeteuk's apology after the above.
    Leeteuk: Sorry, let me apologize on their behalf. Please turn off Yesung's mic.
    • Leeteuk mentions that the fans, which he referred to as the Chinese princesses, Vietnam princesses, Japanese princesses, Myanmar princesses, and all the princesses from around the world, came to the show.
    Leeteuk: Tomorrow, we're off to meet our princesses in Thailand.
    Siwon: In Thailand, there are real princesses.
    Leeteuk: But these are real princesses too! What are you talking about?
  • Super Show 7 in Hong Kong
    • Donghae wanted to say "Kiss kiss Donghae" (Cantonese: 錫錫東海吧), but stopped in the middle of reading the characters 錫錫 (sek sek), which he pronounced as "sex". He is immediately flustered. The members immediately crowd over him.
  • Super Show 7 in Chile
    • In Chile, Heechul picks up a condom thrown on the stage and hands it to Eunhyuk. After finding out what it was, Eunhyuk immediately drops it to the floor and looks at Heechul in disbelief.
  • Super Show 7 in Mexico
    • Shindong's introduction.
    Shindong: (In Spanish) I would like to invite you to eat. We are going to eat tequila! I love tequila. *Donghae hands him a water bottle* Tequila! *drinks* Whoa, tequila is hot.
    • Donghae's new catchphrase.
    Donghae: (In Spanish) I came to Mexico to see my girlfriend. Yes. Where is my girlfriend? Yes. Hoo! Hoo! Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss! Yes. Hoo! Today is the last concert. Yes. Hoo! (in Korean) You all understand me, right? (in Spanish) Yes. Hoo! Okay, let's go until the end. Yes. Hoo! Mexico, I love you very much! Mwa! Yes! Hoo!
    • Siwon tried the Latino way of whistling but failed.
    • Heechul's introduction.
    Heechul: CACHONDO! HEECHONDO HEECHUL! Sexy Mexico, despacito, me gustas tu, sutaatu... [...] Mexico sexy tonight!!! Me gustas tu, sutaatu!
  • Super Show 7 in Manila
    • During the introduction, Donghae was obviously reading from the screen, so Yesung pushed him.
    • Eunhyuk doing the Sandara wave for his introduction.
    • Leeteuk asks the members "How were you as high school students?"
      • Eunhyuk said he was a good student... prompting the audience to shout back "Ey~ No~"
      Siwon: (in English) You're lying. No study only dance.
      Eunhyuk: (in Korean) If you all study well like me, you guys can become great as well.
      • Heechul and his never-ending stories about the factory.
      Heechul: (In English) I'm not going to school. I going to factory!!!
      Leeteuk: (In Korean) Can you tell us what you did in the factory?
      Heechul: (In Korean) Everyone! You know televisions, right? (In English) I make TV!
      Leeteuk: (In English) Made in Korea no. Made in Kim Heechul.
      Heechul: (In English) Yes. Made in Heechul! signal bonae, signal bonae, jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit...
      • Leeteuk said that he heard Siwon's family gave the his school grass and gardens.
      Leeteuk: Can you also do it for the Philippines?
      Siwon: *looking dumbfounded* Okay...
    • Because the show's time coincided with Leeteuk's birthday, the members and the crowd sang him the birthday song. Heechul, whose birthday is 9 days later, had other ideas.
    Heechul: Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, dear my Heechul! Happy birthday Pacquiao! Happy birthday Shindong!
    • Immediately after Heechul's birthday song, the crowd started chanting "S-P-Y". The members were like "What is S-P-Y?", and Siwon had to ask an audience member what it meant before realizing that it was referring to SPY. Heechul then proceeds to dance his own version of the song.
    Heechul: Thank you brother! Thank you sister! Thank you Sir! gyeolguk neon acha neon acha... kkok acha neoneun James Ball...
    Heechul: Yo, my brother, my birthday, Suju Ryeowook come on! Yo! Kick-quiao!
    Siwon: Okay, he loves Pacquiao so much. You fight with him.
    Heechul: No, you! Horse man! I crazy man! Woo! Horse man! Crazy man! I love you Philippines! I very hot yeah come on! Woohoo! Yo my brother Donghae!
    Donghae: He's going crazy.
    Siwon: Don't misunderstood. He's not drunk yet.
    Heechul: Yeah I drunk now!
    Siwon: He's not drunk yet.
  • During an interview in Latin America, the boys were asked if they knew any Spanish words.
    Yesung: (singing) Lo siento, lo siento, hey! Mamacita naega ayayayaya...
  • During an interview in the Philippines, the boys were asked who is the "heartthrob of heartthrobs" within the group.
    Leeteuk: Uhh... Yesung?
    Host: Does Yesung have a girlfriend?
    Yesung: *Beat* No.
    Host: Single and happy?
    Yesung: No.
    Host: Single and not happy?
    Yesung: Not happy.
    Social Media 
  • Donghae's stage mistake during a concert in Indonesia.
    leedonghae Im sorry indonesian fans! I was so nervous i shouted "malaysia" on stage!!!
  • Shindong uploads a photo of himself in a wig and holding flowers.
    kimheenim I want to hit you
  • Heechul finds his lost hat.
    kimheenim Give me back my cap you punk
  • Zhoumi uploads a photo with his girlfriends.
    kimheenim Our Zhoumi, I'm jealous.. around your Hyung is mostly only men....
  • Shindong snaps a selfie for his Red Velvet cover.
    yesung1106 Shocked. You're Chucky's bride ...
    kimheenim Woah ssi crazy kkkkkkkk I just woke up then look at Instagram and I got shocked..
  • Heechul spends time with Jongkook Junior.
    kimheenim Those who hope our Donghae doesn't train his muscles anymore please raise your hand. Lee Donghae's future dream = Turbo Kim Jongkook #LeeDongJongKook #DongJongKook #KimJongkookJunior #JongkookHyungPleaseStopDonghaeALittle
    leedonghae I don't exercise anymore now
    siwonchoi *raises hand*
    zhouzhoumi419 *muscle emojis*
    kimheenim If you exercise and train your muscles, I'll grow a beard and keep long hair
  • Siwon uploads a teaser of his new drama, "Byunhyuk's Love".
    kimheenim I thought Byunhyuk= Pervert Eunhyuk....note 
  • Heechul's absence in Donghae's photo of the members.
    leedonghae This is us #SUPERJUNIOR They're indeed reliable
    kimheenim I'm not there you bastard
    leedonghae Hyung is saved... in my heart ^^
  • Donghae's practice video.
    leedonghae Flying
    yesung1106 ??
    xxteukxx You finally... lost your mind...
  • The members check Leeteuk's Instagram posts to give warnings for SJ Returns.
    yesung1106 Old pose, for that warning
    eunhyukee44 Suddenly wiping of spit, warning
    eunhyukee44 Director suddenly said "take off" is too rated, warning
  • Heechul posts about being a pure boyfriend for their Saturday Night Live skit.
    xxteukxx Seeing you in the 3 minute boyfriend skit was the most natural I've ever seen you in 35 years
  • Donghae's reaction on Leeteuk's muscles.
    leedonghae Hyung ... this is an illness
  • Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are twins, up to their love for taking photos of food.
    xxteukxx Don't copy me kk everyone will think you are me
  • Eunhyuk uploads a cute selfie.
    xxteukxx Even still you can't win over Yesung
  • Eunhyuk suggests a sleeping method for Leeteuk who can't sleep.
    eunhyukee44 Hyung~ If you don't do stuff like this then sleep will come to you
  • Donghae uploads a video of him singing Lo Siento as a teaser for its upcoming release.
    leedonghae Losianto
  • Heechul's comment on Donghae's photos with the members.
    kimheenim Yah crazy bastard my nipples are out you know HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA
  • Siwon's Instagram photo of the group reuniting with a fan they met in 2012 is meant to be a heartwarming moment, but the caption turns it into something funny.
    siwonchoi Reunion. Our friend across the border. Music has no barriers. I hope we keep continue to build our friendship. Good to see you again my friend. But seriously what’s wrong with my hair back in 2012.
  • Heechul was high during the Super Show 7 in Manila.
    kimheenim Anybody who knows why my mood was so high in the Philippines, please tell me why...
  • After they did the Gee cover, Heechul also wanted to do this for Fx's "Chu" and he wanted to be Krystal, since she's Jessica's sister. Then Sully called and mentioned "It would be very funny if you dressed as me, oppa", so Heechul had to agree and look for other members to fill the role.
    • It's also speculated that Hankyung would have been Victoria if he didn't leave the group, so Shindong filled the position.
  • The members' English names are:
    • Yesung is "Yesex" / "Example sex" ('sung' can refer to 'gender' in Korean). He is proud of it and the other members really use it as a nickname for him (especially Heechul).
    • Sungmin is "sex people".
    • Eunhyuk is "Silver belt".
    • Siwon is "Choi Cool" and "fortune cookie".
    • Kyuhyun suggested "Iron" for Heechul, since "Chul" means "iron", but Donghae had a better idea.
      Donghae: (whispering to Eunhyuk) ..."Psycho"...
      Heechul: Who said that?! I heard "Psycho"!!
  • Heechul once asked a translator what the Spanish word for "excited" was, and the translator responded with cachondo: which does mean "excited" but really means "horny". Latin American fans gave Heechul the nickname "Heechondo" (which would translate into "Hee-horny"). Heechul pretty much embraced the nickname by the time of the Super Show 7 American tour.
  • At KCON 2018, Siwon was the main host.
    Siwon: Hello, everyone, I'm your host.
    Yesung: *laughing* Horse!!!

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