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  • The three orphans, upon learning Bunyan has gone out, decided to sneak into his house to filch some food. They find what they're looking for in the basement, but not before Bunyan comes back. Rei decides to go up first, and Ryu and Teepo then hear sounds of a scuffle topside. Teepo is confident that Rei made it out, but then they hear Rei's scream.
    • When Rei and then Teepo try their hand at an escape, there were both sounds of an intense scuffle. When it was Ryu's turn, all it took for Bunyan was a single punch.
  • Rei's attempt of getting him and his friends from one roof to another. Complete and utter Epic Fail that somehow works.
    • To explain, Rei is winding up to throw a grappling hook over to the other roof so they can cross over, but ends up slipping, running down the roof, and miraculously managing to jump across to the other side. He decides he'll tell the others I Meant to Do That and throws the hook back to the first roof so the others can cross. Teepo doesn't buy it.
  • Try looking at the bookshelves in the room where you launch the rocket in Momo's Tower. It's full of porn...
    • The shelves in Momo's bedroom are also lined with the same.
  • When Momo and Palet are talking at the Plant on your first visit, pay attention to Nina and Ryu. They get into an argument, which ends with Nina sticking her tongue out and Ryu crying.
  • When the Mutant asks you to put it out of its misery by using the red switch to put it in the lava, you can use the blue switch and it goes in the opposite direction, you can repeat that as often as you like until you use the red switch.
    Mutant: Thank you...and farewell...Hey! Wrong way! (Repeat ad infinitum)
  • During the contest, if you leave Momo behind as a hostage and then talk to her, this is what she has to say:
    Momo: Don't worry about me...You can go on without me...Even though they said they'll do XX and then XX to me, and after that they'll XXX me...I don't think they'll kill me. But what does XX and XXX mean, anyway?
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  • Emitai is set up as sympathetic, fighting to save his sick daughter. Go visit him after you fight him in the Contest of Champions and it's one of the best subversions of Healthcare Motivation ever. Even better, after the Time Skip, his daughter's still embarrassed about her part in the con.
  • Garr trying to pass Nina off as his daughter. The reactions of the Wyndian guards? Priceless.
    • "Tries," nothing. That bluff succeeded, if only because the guards were too scared out of their minds to argue.
    • The guards' dialogue in trying to cover up their mistake makes casual readers think that the guards believe Garr is the mother.
  • The amazing Australian Dolphin. Especially when the game nonchalantly asks the player whether they'd like an English translation.
  • When Garr gets the shit beaten out of him by Deis. Even batter, she's completely naked.
    • Related to the above scene would be Nina, if she's in the party, being jealous when she saw that Ryu was embarrassed when seeing Deis.
    • And the music as Deis beats the shit out of Garr is a riff on "Eye of the Tiger".
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  • In order to get on board the Black Ship, Momo has the bright idea to fire at the bow. The ship replies by opening fire right back at them. Rei is not amused.
  • The meeting with the Dragon Elder. Especially Momo's reaction when she learns that she doesn't exactly meet the Dirty Old Man's "needs". For extra hilarity, make Rei the third guy in your party.