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Funny / Blind Mans Bluff

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  • Ellis's mini-celebration at managing to get a car to run. He imitates how the car sounds in possibly the goofiest, most adorable way possible. Acknowledged in-universe, where Coach bursts into laughter at the entire thing.
  • All of Ellis's stories involving Keith. Every. Single. One. Special mention must be given to Keith running out of a lion pit only to be attacked by, of all things, flamingoes.
  • Rochelle mistaking Keith for a cannibal during one of Ellis's stories. Her utter bewilderment and Ellis's confusion at her horror just makes this troper burst into giggles every single time.
  • Nick telling the rest of the hungry Survivors that they can make sandwiches. From zombie meat.
    • And Ellis being the only one who isn't disturbed.
  • Chris hitting on Rochelle. Especially with Nick's reactions and Rochelle's reaction to the flirting itself.
  • Nick stealing Ellis's sandwich.
  • Nick's reaction to Ellis finding a chainsaw. He's just so completely exasperated by it while Ellis couldn't possibly find it cooler.
  • Rochelle finding out her shirt got ripped by a hunter. All of their reactions. But especially Coach's and Nick's.


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