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  • Mitch rescuing a windsurfer, then rising out of the ocean with the film's title majestically coming out behind him and several dolphins jumping around is both this and Moment of Awesome.
  • When Leeds tells Leon and Frankie to kill Councilman Rodriguez, the latter pleads for his life, leading to this exchange:
    Rodriguez: Guys we can talk about this.
    Frankie: Leon doesn't talk. He's a man of action, there's a purity to that.
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  • Mitch calling Matt various pretty-boy epithets, among them High School Musical.
  • Matt is left to drown, then he sees Summer coming to give him the Kiss of Life. It's only after savouring the moment does he snap back to reality and see that it was Mitch.
  • If you pay attention to the end credits, there's a credit for Dwayne Johnson's hairdresser.
  • Ronnie's encounter with CJ in the shower is Cringe Comedy at its finest, but is quite funny regardless. It helps that her choice of words (offering to get him a foot-long from the sandwich shop) implies that she likes what she sees.
  • Mitch keeps a fishtank ornament of himself at home. When nobody's looking, it shifts its pose and even changes outfits.
    • When he's working at a cellphone store, the figurine matches his new uniform, and even looks despondent (the way he himself is feeling).
  • The lifeguards having lunch. Ronnie has a salad, but notices that all the other insanely ripped lifeguards are eating carbs and greasy meat.
    "I thought you had to be on a strict diet to look like you guys."
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  • Brody's failed attempt at outrage when one of the cops says "You people".
    Mitch: "Take it easy, there. You're just tanned."
  • The fact that nobody comments on the existence of two generations of lifeguards that have similar names.
  • Mitch fighting off one of the bad guys in a little girl's room where the kids stuff ends up being used as weapons.
    • When the bad guy attempts to strangle Mitch with a kid's toy chandelier, the toy chandelier starts playing the SpongeBob SquarePants opening theme song loudly, ("WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA? // SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!") while Mitch and the bad guy fight each other.
  • The trainee lifeguards point out that the female lifeguards move in slow-motion.
  • Mitch's Badass Boast in the final conflict, which qualifies as an Awesome moment when his veins are full of Polynesian blood and sea urchin venom.
    "I am born of the sea! I eat fire coral and I piss seawater! I scratch my back with a whale's dick and lube up my chest with the ballsack! I'll die when the tide stops and the moon drowns! Until then... I'm Oceanic, muthafucka!"
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  • The lovely Bait-and-Switch when Victoria Leeds' bloodied shoe lands in front of Brody's face... followed by a bloodied foot.
    Mitch: "That's good luck! Pick it up!"
  • When Leeds asks her underling Dave if he's found any dirt on Chen, he responds, "No criminal record, no fetishes, no weird photos. He's clean. Makes me feel weird about stuff I have goin' on in my life." She gives him a "WTF?" look but doesn't ask what he means.
  • After a night of drunken sex that Ronnie has no memory of, CJ gladly offers to make him breakfast, complete with an offering of “cinnabuns” (referring to her buttocks/more sex). Upon realizing that he finally slept with his dreamgirl, he joyfully throws his fists in the air as if he’s chanting “yes!!” but offscreen, CJ says that she saw the gesture.

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