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  • ARMA: Armed Assault, the Queen's Gambit expansion. One word: "Titsabella".
  • "Hey, I'm the fuckin' boss here!"
  • Tanny's demonstration of Scottish slang
  • At the start of the first campaign mission in Arma 3, the player can have their character walk around the base before hopping into the helicopter, and one of the scenery props... is THIS.
    • This was inspired by a real-life sign at a US Army FOB in Iraq, which included a final rule: "Do not steal this sign, asshole!"
    • Several of the signs, post-it notes and general guidelines show the relaxed environment of the troops at the time and are good for a chuckle or two. Such as "One task a day keep the Lt. at bay" or a picture of the AAF top brass with the sign "asshole alert".
  • In Camp Maxwell (Pain: you can't get enough) you can hear your fellow survivors express their opinions on the current situation. One of them is the following, regarding the chain of command:
    Soldier 1:' Who the hell is this Miller guy?.
    Soldier 2: British special forces. SBS or some shit.
    Soldier 1: Yeah, CTRG, whatever the hell that means, for all we know is the fucking royal janitor. I mean, who died and put him in charge?.
    Soldier 2: *Beat* Mckinnon
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  • Kerry's first operation in command of a squad consist of ambushing a convoy to secure an enemy supply truck. If you happen to screw up the ambush, destroying the supply truck beyond repair, Kerry will mutter a resigned "Oh, I'm never gonna hear the end of this"
  • The second mission of the second campaign episode in Arma 3 has Kerry linking up with guerrillas on Altis, only to then be ordered into their offroad. Along the way, after being counseled about pretending to be civilians to get through enemy checkpoints, Kerry asks why the guerrillas ordered him to drive and he's told in no uncertain terms: "You are the one they will shoot first."
  • Salvo really seems to like getting on Truck's nerves.
    • During the meeting in the jungle temple:
    Salvo: Hey, Truck. [points to a giant statue of a frowning face] Kinda looks like you!
    Truck: Fuck off, Sal.
    • When trying to make sense of an unknown enemy attacking them:
    Truck: Who are these guys? why are they targeting us?.
    Salvo: How could they not, Truck? You have such pretty eyes.
    Salvo: What is it with you and bullets lately?
  • While extracting Keystone, after both your exfil points go to hell:
    Miller: What was your insertion?
    Riker: *Beat* Of course! The boats!. Watchtower we're on our way to our original infil point.
    Miller: I thought you guys were rescuing me.
  • When the IDAP (a Red Cross expy) team is dismantling a minefield, they run into some bumps, namely: they forgot to bring the tools. After the toolkit is delivered by drone later:
    Andy: when you get that, make sure to check the lower pocket for...
    Nate: Jesuschrist man, if you forgot to pack the...
    Andy: One time! that happened just once! relax, you'll be dicking around with landmines in no time.
  • Explaining to the reporter how he disarms the mines.
    Nate: Now that I have the toolkit and I located them, I simply crawl towards the mines and disable them.
    Kate: Surely it has to be more involved than that.
    Nate: Yeah, well. I may have glossed over the part where they can, you know... explode.
  • After successfully locating enemy positions by talking to the locals:
    Splender: Fucking-A! thank god for sgt. Hale and his high school french lessons
  • In one of the Tactical Ops DLC campaigns, shows the early days of the FIA resistance movement long before the events of the main story. The player Character is not, however, a young Wide-Eyed Idealist New Meat, but Kael Mavros, a grizzled Old Soldier that deserted from the AAF and has a ton of experience in battle. Funnily enough, he's such an asset to have that most squad leaders want him to join them, culminating in this:
    After taking a convoy and regrouping before assaulting a nearby town.
    Sigma-2: (sheepishly) Mav... can we go with you?.
    Mavros: (sternly) Get the fuck back to your group.
    Sigma-2: pleaaaase!.
    Mavros: Ugh... Do as i say, when i say it!.

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