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Funny / Anna Dressed in Blood

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So Anna Dressed in Blood is a young adult horror story, but that doesn't mean it can't be funny. It's probably thanks to the Deadpan Snarker narrator, Cas.

  • Cas meets Thomas for the first time.
    "I don't like this kid. He's presumptuous. And yet, he's earnest and well-meaning, which softens me a little. If he's listening to what I'm thinking, I'm going to slash his tires."
  • ...or Cas' general attitude towards goths, for that matter.
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  • Cas hates the term "ghostbuster", but everyone around him insists on using it. He almost slips up and says it, but catches himself just in time. And then Gideon mentions it again.
    "You know that [film], the one with the giant marshmallow?"
  • "My sweet little Anna. Am I that transparent? Was it obvious, the whole time, to everyone but me?"


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