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YMMV / Anna Dressed in Blood

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  • Complete Monster: The Obeahman is a voodoo ghost/demon hybrid who takes large chunks out of his victims. His first known victim is Cas Lowood's father, who was killed when Cas was only seven years old, leaving the latter traumatized and suffering nightmares. Ten years later, the Obeahman returns, killing three more victims. He had been following the Lowoods since murdering Cas's father, eventually killing their cat Tybalt as well. As Cas and his friends fight him, Anna pulls off a Heroic Sacrifice by opening a portal to Hell and dragging the Obeahman down with her. A year later, Cas discovers that, while both are in hell, the Obeahman has been torturing Anna the whole time. When Cas and another girl, Jestine, make their way to a part of Hell, they find that the Obeahman had transformed into a spider-like creature that had linked Anna to it, sewing Anna's eyes and mouth shut before harvesting her. While fighting the creature, Cas recognized other nearby ghosts—some innocent—and realizes that the Obeahman had been haunting his athame, and has been feeding off these spirits.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Will may have been a Jerk Jock with a hatred towards Anna, but if one were to take in the fact that he just lost his best friend, and then died trying to avenge him, it's kind of hard not to feel at least a little bad for the kid.
  • Narm: The ghost with its eyes sewn shut... and who also has dreadlocks and a Jamaican accent. A ghost Bob Marley? A pity it's the same ghost that killed Cas' dad.
  • Squick: Elias, the fiancee of Anna's mother, who not only creeps on Anna, but even smells the dress that she planned to wear to the dance. When Anna tries to leave for the dance, Anna's own mother tells him to take it off her. He looks far too delighted.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Anna.

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