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Funny / Analogue: A Hate Story

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  • Meta-example: Christine Love finding out that players have filed the Hate series under the "kawaii" tag on Steam:
    "Oh no" [1]
    "Listen, I know the theme song said it was a cutesy little love story, but—" [2]
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: If you ask Hyun-ae's opinion on the articles about a noble woman and her doomed lesbian relationship with her husband's concubine she will make several flustered comments, including stating that she would never have imagined doing something like that with any of HER servants. Despite having a penchant for denying embarrassing things in true Tsundere fashion, there was never a strong reason to doubt that statement. And then we find out that in Hate Plus about her maid fetish...
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  • *Mute's thoughts on Smith Kyung-sam, summed up in one sentence:
    *Mute: Let me be as clear as possible: fuck that guy!


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