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  • The narmness of the "Elvis" teasers and MV can be hilarious, especially the poorly-made photoshopped/CGI wings and corny back-stories.
    • When their individual teasers were slowly released, many people lost it at Hyejeong's and Chanmi's angel names, which are... Hyejeong.Linus and Chanmi T.T respectively. Really.
    • In the MV there's the girls' (namely, Choa and Seolhyun) reactions to Youkyung suddenly falling out of nowhere and landing right where they are.
  • One of their interviews at debut everyone was doing their group introduction - except Jimin stumbled, laughed and apologised. A Gilligan Cut later they redid it properly.
  • The "Moya" MV has plenty of these:
    • The girls' over-the-top acting - in particular, Choa and Jimin make very exaggerated facial expressions.
    • The girls kicking the other band (who were parodying FT Island) off stage - in particular, there's Youkyung pushing the crowd out of her way and Choa making faces at (fake) Hongki while waving him off stage.
    • The highlight is The Reveal at the end - the guy who cheated on Choa turns out to be the comedian instead of the handsome guy like the MV implies. His reactions to Choa (and Mina) glaring and pointing at him are priceless.
  • Chanmi's special dance which she has demonstrated several times called the "Mouth Dance" - it's basically her dancing crazily (yet accurately) while shouting all these random noises.
  • Their Weekly Idol appearances (sadly the dance unit only, with Youkyung yet to participate):
    • The dance unit (minus Seolhyun) demonstrated the hip-move of Miniskirt and as requested they sang the 'ooh' part... except they sounded terrible. The MCs proceeded to isolate their singing and pinpoint whose singing is good and whose is bad. The result was kicking off all the rappers, a much cleaner 'ooh' courtesy of Choa, Yuna and Hyejeong, and the conclusion that AOA is really just 3 members.
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    • Their first Random Dance Play segment (again minus Seolhyun) - Mina nearly got kicked out for not keeping up and had to give up her car, the MCs found out the awkward way Hyejeong/Chanmi aren't in the band and Jimin got called out for not "holding" the chords of her guitar properly.
    • Seolhyun demonstrating how she practises her different facial expressions for acting - and just about every one ended with her laughing or screaming crazily.
    • Mina attempting to do Infinite's scorpion dance, except she she had to give it a few tries - when she finally did it, she gave a big grunt and ran to her seat in embarrassment.
    • During Random Dance Play in their second appearance, the music suddenly changed from "Short Hair" to the chorus of "Miniskirt". The girls' immediately went to their positions and got into the groove perfectly fine... except for Seolhyun, who was absent for "Miniskirt" promotions and had only been practising the revised choreography thus had forgotten the original choreo which everyone else was dancing. Cue her running around in confusion trying to find her place and screaming in frustration.
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    • When they participated in improvised dancing in a special episode, Hyejeong decided to do the spinning windmill movenote ... and whacked Mina in the face by accident during the process.
    • Choa becoming the butt-monkey in their third episode, with the MCs ragging her whenever she messed up Random Dance Play and her short height constantly being the centre of attention (such as making her stand in-between Hyejeong and Seolhyun aka the tallest members, all barefoot - unsurprisingly she only reaches their shoulders). She bows her head out of frustration and embarrassment and ends up looking like she got too wasted and had to be carried home by Hyejeong and Seolhyun.
  • Everyone (except Seolhyun) demonstrating aegyo on a Japanese show, amongst other examples of their aegyo - it's more hilarious and awkward than endearing, which is made evident by everyone laughing in embarrassment (especially at the end with Youkyung).
  • After AOA Black switched over to the dance unit at FNC Kingdom (the March 2014 one) on Fantastic Day, Youkyung said in the backstage footage, "Band is over! Now is dance time. I think they are so sexy! I'm not sexy~~" This is followed by her watching the dance unit, imitating their moves and just being a dork.
  • In their 2nd Year Anniversary talk, Hyejeong complained about how at debut too many people thought she looked like Seolhyun, and now that 2 years have passed... too many people think she looks like Yuna instead.

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